Are you UP for Some DOWNTIME in Midlife?

As a midlife gal, when you think of downtime, what comes up for you?

Funny thing about downtime.

You think it’s a good idea. You remember reading something about why it’s a good idea.


You struggle with making it happen in your life the way you want it to.

Sound familiar?

What’s going on with downtime?

It’s kind of like, you’re just not UP for it.

But it’s a good idea for other people!

Like anything you want in your life, you have to see what you really think about it to make the change you want.

Ask yourself these questions about taking downtime:

* Do you think it’s not as important as work?

* Do you think you’re too busy?

* Do you think you’ll do it later?

* Do you think it’s not productive, therefore not important?

* Do you think someone will think you’re not working hard enough? Or maybe that you’re lazy?

* Do you think you don’t deserve it? Even though you have an empty nest?

* Do you question how valuable it really is?

Interesting, right?

You can easily see the disconnect between what you want to have in your life and what you have.

As usual, it’s the likely culprit again stinkin’ up the joint …your thoughts.

So…if you want more downtime in your life and you’re not there yet, you have to clean up your thinking.

1. Decide how you want to feel about actually creating the space for downtime.

2. Look for a thought to think on purpose that creates that feeling for you.

The feeling is what will drive your behavior to TAKE THE DOWNTIME…

Not to ignore it.

Not to be distracted when you’re taking it.

Not to break your commitment to yourself.

AND… That’s how we roll around here.

In midlife, you connect to this sense that life is short. That you need to make things that are important to you happen or you might have regrets.

When it comes to downtime, there are pretty significant health and wellness consequences when you don’t have enough of it.

So my friend, are you ready to get UP to get DOWN?

Start small today!

* close your eyes for 10 minutes

* take a walk without your phone

* add 5 minutes to your shower time, just to think

The important thing is to get downtime on your radar. You’re worth it!


PS. I want you to have more fun and be be excited about your life! You can start with downtime, but there’s so much more! Just go to book your free consult call. I’m accepting 3 applications to work together right now. Let’s see if we’re a good fit and take it from there!



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