EP #241: Living on Autopilot in Midlife

EP #241: Living on Autopilot in Midlife


What You’ll Learn About Living on Autopilot in Midlife:

  • What living on autopilot means in midlife.
  • Why it’s important to understand if you’re living on autopilot.
  • Why being open to being more intentional about your life can serve you well.
  • Why it’s important to ask more questions about what you want.
  • Why the impact of living on autopilot can affect your life and waste valuable time.
  • Why using a simple tool that helps you understand age-related benchmarks in your life can help you be more intentional about regret-proofing your life.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Living on autopilot in midlife is a common experience for midlife women. This episode is about how to plan your way through autopilot thinking so you can be more intentional and decrease the likelihood of having regrets.

If you find yourself wasting valuable time, falling into long-term habits without much thought, not thinking about what you want, living out of alignment, saying yes a lot when you really mean no, you may be involved in autopilot living. Just like other aspects of your life, it’s not necessarily a problem unless it’s not helping you achieve your goals and live intentionally.

Today’s episode helps you understand what living on autopilot in midlife may be preventing you from the lifestyle you want on purpose. The “Benchmark Check-In Tool™” is shared and discussed as a simple strategy to help you understand the context of certain plans and goals so that you can push yourself out of autopilot and into a more intentional direction that brings you more happiness and fulfillment.

Please enjoy this interview!

Featured in this Episode:

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