Spinning and Procrastinating in Midlife

Spinning in MidlifeAre you spinning instead of doing?

Spin = procrastination = stuck.

Do you agree with this math equation?

I always feel so funny when I connect with math. It’s so not me. But THIS equation….Now we’re talking!

Does this resonate with you?

Are you spinning on a thought? Maybe a nice, big, fat thought loop?

So that also means you’re probably procrastinating…

And therefore ipso facto, also stuck. RIGHT? Sheesh.

So simple.

So predictable.

So how about you?

Who’s doing a little procrastinating right now? It’s usually something that sounds better than it actually feels.

It feels HORRIBLE.

You know you’re not focused on what you want. Even when you try to convince yourself otherwise.

And your brain drama is on fire when you’re procrastinating.

But again, you’re procrastinating and trying NOT to do what you’re wanting to do.

Your brain knows otherwise though. The drama is alive and well. It’s kind of like a “net negative.”

An extra helping of negative – guilt, feeling bad about yourself and so on.

I bet you want to make some progress and move forward, right? It’s actually more simple than you think.

You start with a question. Here it is: WHY.

Why are you resisting?

Why aren’t you “doing?”

Why are you procrastinating.

To make actual progress, you gotta start with “why.”

Be honest.

Listen carefully.

Guess what?

What you’re thinking is a bunch of words. Just a thought. It’s only a thought.

Not necessarily a truth, the way it feels. It’s actually optional. And it’s keeping you stuck.

I’d love to see what’s you’re thinking – make sure to comment and let me know what that one sentence in your mind is.

You will really see things differently when you start noticing what your mind’s doing without your permission! Once you see what’s going on up there, you can do something about it.

You can learn to think on purpose instead of entertaining thoughts that are creating outcomes for you, like procrastination, that you don’t want! Thought loops are optional. YAY! Sometimes it’s tricky to really see what your brain is doing, but it’s a skill I can teach you. The amazing news is that you can bust out of that loop whenever you’re ready!

Here’s some help. You can download this free ebook right away: 9 Steps to get Unstuck in your 50s!



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