Ep 266: Creative Expression in Midlife: Finding your Passion for Alcohol Ink with Faigie Kobre

Ep 266: Creative Expression in Midlife: Finding your Passion for Alcohol Ink with Faigie Kobre


What You’ll Learn About Creative Expression in Midlife:

  • Why creative expression in midlife is important.
  • Why finding your passion isn’t always a direct path forward.
  • How lack of creative expression in midlife can affect you.
  • How you can burn out from a passion and career that you love.
  • Why alcohol inks can add color and joy to your life.
  • Why things you’ve always loved will likely be related to what you love in midlife.
  • Why being aware of what fascinates you can be a clue to your happiness.
  • Why it’s never too late to get involved in art!



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is about why creative expression in midlife is especially important to women. My guest is Faigie Kobre, someone who shifted gears after 50 and combined her love of education and alcohol inks to create an exciting next chapter career!

Faige is someone who has added tremendous joy and color into her life with art. Her path forward after her first career is an interesting one. She spent the first 25 years of her career as a high-end portrait photographer and eventually got burnt out. Then, Faigie totally changed direction in her 50s. She knew she also loved education. That’s where the clues to her “passion 2.0” originated…her passion for art and education.

Finding your passion can be interesting. She decided to actually take up art and became an elementary school art teacher.  Immersing herself this way led her to discover mixed media art and finally alcohol inks.  She was in love!

As a result of some mentorship, she was fortunate to have received, Faigie started teaching women offline and online classes in alcohol inks.  She realized something amazing about them; when you work with alcohol inks, it’s easy to feel like an artist!

You’re going to love hearing Faigie’s enthusiasm for helping other women express their creativity – especially when they can’t draw and don’t think they’re capable of feeling like artists.  Can you relate?

She knows firsthand how vital art is for women – how it gives purpose, color and excitement to women’s lives, especially in midlife.

I love her story about how she figured out her passion and how it continued to change and develop over the years.  Faigie’s right – it’s never too late to get involved in art!

You’ll get a lot from hearing this interview! Enjoy!

Featured on this episode:

Contact Faigie Kobre: https://creativityreignited.com/

Monart Method by Mona Brooks: https://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Children-Creative-Method-Beginners/dp/0874778271/

John Morrow: https://unstoppable.me/life-lessons/

Bank Street Graduate School of Education: https://www.artandeducation.net/directory/271437/bank-street-graduate-school-of-education

Pigments of your Imagination: https://www.amazon.com/Pigments-Your-Imagination-Creating-Alcohol/dp/0764351338/

Blog: How my Midlife Passion Project got me into the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) https://suzyrosenstein.com/midlife-moma/

Suzy Rosenstein, Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT), The Zentangle® Method at https://zentangle.com/

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