60th birthday party workshop

Let's Celebrate Your First 60 Years of Life!




Give yourself the "Gift of 60!"

Here's the best way to celebrate your 60th birthday! Join me and women from around the world – all turning 60 – to honor your first 60 years and plan the next chapter with more intention and joy!

You're cordially invited to join the virtual "Gift of 60" Birthday Party

(which is more than a regular online workshop...it's a FUNshop!)


What’s the Gift of 60?


The Gift of 60 is a fun, 2 hour interactive birthday party FUNshop for women who turned 60 last year or are turning 60 within the next year. 

Note - for even MORE fun, this FUNshop will be combined with the Gift of 50, so both milestone birthday celebrations (with separate workbooks) will be offered together!

You're going to celebrate your first 60 years with a look at your successes (yes, you've had them and more than you think) and we're going to help you discover how to create your next chapter with intention so that you have no regrets and love your life!



WHEN:  To be announced



✔Complete the “Women in the Middle” Midlife Snapshot to take a look at where you are now 

✔Get clarity about your next chapter priorities

✔Identify your Regret Proof Power Plan to make those priorities a reality!

✔Have the chance to win FUN prizes!


Think that's awesome? You're right! But wait...there's more!!


🥳Gift of 60 Workbook ($47 Value)

🥳50 Ways to Celebrate Life After 50 E-Book (my book!)($10 Value)

🥳1 hour "Follow Up 60" Group Coaching Call  ($197 Value)

🥳1 free ticket to invite a friend! ($50 Value)


Your Total Value: $304!


Your FUNvestment (get it?):

NOW Only $50 US!



I can guarantee you've never attended a birthday party like this before...

Limited space! Secure your spot now to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun! 

(Note: The bonus to "bring a friend for free" is limited to those who purchase a seat at the party)


Jewish Mom Women in the MiddleSuzy Rosenstein, MA is a master certified life coach and host of the popular podcast for midlife women, Women in the Middle, with over 1 million downloads. Having wasted five years being stuck herself, she knows how frustrating and painful it can be. She uses her upbeat approach with the serious topic of aging to help you get clear about what you want, get unstuck and live your best life. Girlfriend, there’s more fun to be had! She offers a free guide, 10 Questions to Reimagine your Life After 50.



🎉Diane, Ontario: As always, thank you for everything you do. You have an amazing attitude and stamina given all that you do behind the scenes. Thank you for everything.


🎉Bonnie, New Mexico: I am so glad I “took the plunge.” Suzy helped me decide and understand what is important in my life. I now know what my goals to accomplish are and fully believe that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to do. I have a time frame of when to complete items and how to prioritize and manage the details of events in my future. I have a clarity of what my future involves.


🎉Renee, Missouri: Suzy helped me grow in this period of my life. I just turned 60 this summer. When I joined I was floundering & lost. I was struggling to find what I was supposed to be doing next. The kids are grown...my work goals were met...I had no idea what to do next. Learning to be the Queen of my Brain Domain....learning how to think about what I am thinking has been so helpful! I realized many things about myself and my motivation...my thoughts about aging that were negative and holding me back.


🎉Fiona, Australia: Suzy’s guidance came at the impending passing of my mother as I transitioned from being a carer to a nearly 50 year old woman with all of this available time again. She has helped me to find my path in life and the confidence to pursue it. Clear goals and clear head. Always with the mantra of having my own back. One of the best experiences of my life. True self care.


🎉Patti, New Jersey: Working with Suzy was exactly what I needed. When I first called her, Suzy asked me why I was reaching out at that particular time. I replied “Because my whole body hurts”. While I did have some legitimate aches and pains going on, I also knew that they were being made worse by whatever negative thinking I was doing. Suzy helped me to see things more clearly, take action on what I could and change my thinking for the better. Don’t hesitate. Suzy will help you.


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