Ep 264: The Power of Shocking Surprises in Midlife

Ep 264: The Power of Shocking Surprises in Midlife


What You’ll Learn About The Power of Shocking Surprises in Midlife:

  • What the power of shocking surprises in midlife is about.
  • How your thoughts about what is surprising are relevant.
  • Hear about four specific shocking surprises that happened to Suzy in the past 9 years since 50 years old.
  • Why you may not be dreaming big enough.
  • How shocking surprises make it easier to pause and reflect.
  • Why it’s important to be aware of the way you think and how it might be limiting you.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is about the power of shocking surprises in midlife. The way you think about what you expect in life is totally related to what might surprise you. It turns out that big surprises can be powerful and beneficial.

Four Shocking Surprises

Suzy shares four shocking surprises that happened in her life over the last 9 years since she turned 50 years old. When you’re curious about your mindset, you can find interesting and perhaps surprising thoughts. The way you think creates the way you feel. This is important to know to fully understand why what you’re surprised by can be an important clue to your mindset about what’s actually possible in your life.  Even at your age.

50th and 60th Birthday Workshops for Midlife Women

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The Gift of 50 and Gift of 60 FUNshops will help set your next chapter up for success because you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s going well with your life and what you want to do better in your next chapter so you don’t have regrets.  It’s the best gift you can give yourself, and it’s extra fun because you’ll be celebrating with other amazing women turning 50! ENROLL NOW – LIMITED SPOTS.

Enjoy this episode!

Featured on this episode:

Gift of 50: NEW Midlife Workshop – OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT: The Gift of 50 Birthday Party FUNshop

Gift of 60: New Midlife Workshop – OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT: The Gift of 60 Birthday Party FUNshop

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