Feeling STUCK when you really want to GROW as an entrepreneur is a total drag!

Feeling stuck when you know how much you can help people can drive you crazy.

It’s not like you’re not working hard.

It’s not that you don’t care.

It’s something else…

This topic comes up all fo the time with my clients. It can be so darn frustrating. But it’s usually just that you don’t yet have the skills you need to really grow your business and find those clients who are just waiting for your help!

How do you know you don’t feel that great about your entrepreneurial progress? Sometimes it’s not that obvious.

Ask yourself this:

Do you cringe when someone asks how’s business going?

That CRINGE is a feeling.

And that cringy feeling is coming from a thought.

This is exactly what happened with me.  I kept thinking, “what am I doing wrong?” And now I know that when you ask yourself a question, the answer is the thought. So that thought was, “I’m doing something wrong.”

When I thought that, I felt stupid and confused. Which led to a cringe when asked about my business.

Another thought I had often was, “there’s something wrong with my niche. That’s why I can’t find my clients.” Again, this thought was poisonous for me! I just didn’t have the skills or confidence yet about how to find my clients. There was nothing wrong with my niche. But wow, that thought wasn’t useful for me to really take action AT ALL!

What’s going on up there in your mind to create that feeling? Your cringy feeling? 

Those thoughts are stopping your growth.

Not your business.

Not your niche.

Is this you?

  • you’re just so darn motivated and excited about your business but can’t make your business grow…
  • you want to make more money with your side-hustle that you’ve been “playing with” now for a few years…
  • or maybe you actually want more clients or customers in the business you already have?

It can be tough being an entrepreneur! Maybe you’re a MOMPRENEUR, which also has its own special wrinkles…much like our aging faces, lol.

It can be so frustrating when you care SO MUCH and have such GREAT IDEAS but just can’t find your people and get things going.

I get it.

Like I said, this was me too when I started out in coaching, and also when I began a few other small businesses over the last few decades.

And so many of you “women in the middle” are just like this.

You have awesome ideas and motivation but just lack the skills to really break through. Your confidence is a mess.

You talk about wanting to start making money on the side so that you can eventually quit your reliable day job and transition into this new exciting entrepreneurial plan for the future. Something that relates to your totally amazing retirement plan, no doubt.

That’s why I’m pretty excited to share something and someone with you.

Someone who really helped me grow my business.

See if this sounds like you:

Do you:

  • Feel like finding your first customer is as hard as running in the waves at the beach?
  • Wonder how you’re ever going to get enough customers to make have the bank account you’ve been dreaming about for years?

Like I said, I totally get it. You’re searching everywhere for fresh leads, new ideas, and busting your butt trying to make your business work.

Like I said, this is just so darn frustrating! You’re heart’s in the right place but you don’t have the skills yet to really make this happen.

How can you get your business to the next level?

Where are your people? Where are they hiding???

I have the answer for your business.

Learn exactly what you need to create revenue, results and raving fans – finally!

Not next month, not next year, but NOW – and you’ll actually learn amazing skills in this program. Specifically, you will learn:

> The 3 common beliefs that are keeping your business stuck and broke.

> How to overcome objections, and verbally close a sale with a client.

> The #1 simple solution you can make right now, that is statistically proven to increase your business up to 50% OR HIGHER.


Sign up to check out an amazing program to help you grow your business and make more money:


Here’s to you getting more customers and your ability to start making your dreams come true!

This is exactly what I call this REGRET PROOFING your life.  Regret-proofing is about doing EVERYTHING that you can so you don’t have regrets about what you didn’t do. It’s time to get started and get you going with some solid tips and strategies. You won’t be sorry!


NOTE:  I feel so strongly about learning from Kendrick Shope that I trained to work with her an instructor and affiliate. She can totally help YOU help more people. You will learn TONS and grow your business! I’m so excited for you!






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