Unstick Your Biz (6 weeks)


I help midlife entrepreneurs (like you!) get clear, get excited and UNSTUCK when it comes to online business or a side-hustle.

The only problem is you have huge commitment and motivation, but you’re stuck about how to move your business forward and “get out there.”

Things seem to be taking longer than you expected; you feel overwhelmed about how to talk about what you do and who you help. You get confused about your actual niche, that is, your ideal client.

In fact, you may not even be sure that about your niche. You wonder if it’s too broad but you’re nervous about making it too narrow. You’ve been spinning and questioning yourself about all of it. The bottom line is, you're stuck.

You’re in luck because that’s where UNSTICK YOUR BIZ can really help you.

Though private, one-on-one coaching, you’ll get crystal clear on your niche and ideal client and understand the next steps, including exactly how to talk about what you offer so your people want your help. You'll also finally make the mindset shift necessary to make the impact that you’re excited to make.

Imagine how you would feel if you could:

  • Stop spinning about your niche;
  • finally stop wondering about what to do to move your online business or side-hustle forward;
  • free up valuable time feeling confident and excited about finding your clients rather than negative, hopeless and uncertain;
  • be crystal clear about what to say and how to say it when you’re writing copy and selling yourself, so that your ideal clients really understand how you’re going to help them and can’t wait to get started;
  • feel amazing about getting yourself “out there” and know exactly what to do so your clients can easily find you and get the help they need.

Awesome, right? It’s the exact reason I created UNSTICK YOUR BIZ – to take you from feeling like you’re never going to figure all of this out to being so confident and clear that your friends will even notice how different you are and want to know where they can get some too!

It’s so great to know you’ll get what you need so that you can finally help your people. They're just waiting for you to find them. Now you'll have the skills and tools. Hallelujah!

UNSTICK YOUR BIZ is a six week private, business changing, confidence building, one-on-one coaching package. As a Certified Authentic Selling® Instructor, I can't wait to help you move your business forward. With high-level coaching and specific strategies, templates and tools, you'll start to see the business results you've been hoping for.

You will:

  • bust through your confusion about who you want to help and why;
  • be crystal clear and excited about your niche;
  • write clear copy on your About Page and your Sales Page, so that you find your people and convert your people to paying clients;
  • uncover the unconscious thoughts that keep you stuck and confused about what to do in your business;
  • learn how to make solving your online business problems effortless because you’ll be using proven strategies, templates and tools;
  • adopt a mindset that helps you sell yourself and your services, and feel amazing about it because you’re helping people;
  • create the results you want because you know exactly what to do;
  • manage your thinking so you feel in control as your building your online business and brand.

Suzy Rosenstein is a Master Certified Life & Weight Coach



$1799 (One-Time)


$929 Two Payments

Here's what you get in this powerful, private business coaching package:

  • 6 one hour sessions; it's a one-on-one coaching experience via telephone or Zoom (online) so that you get personal attention and private coaching
  • Unlimited online support to keep your momentum and progress moving in the right direction
  • Personalized notes after each session to help track your work, your thoughts and mindset shifts
  • Feedback on your website copy so you can quickly feel more confident you're going in the right direction
  • Innovative tools and worksheets to support you every step of the way
  • The ability to feel excited that you’re finally moving forward!

Pretty awesome, right? It’s time to regret-proof your business and have the momentum you’ve been hoping for!

UNSTICK YOUR BIZ isn’t just another coaching package where you don’t see results. You’ll improve your website, marketing and sales skills, boost your confidence, and shift your mindset to enable you to FIND YOUR PEOPLE and clearly and proudly tell the world who you are, who you can help and why you can help them.


INVESTMENT:  Only $1799 One Time OR $929 Two Payments


$1799 (One-Time)


$929 Two Payments

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