EP #307: A Candid Chat with Empty Nest Moms in Midlife


What You’ll Learn from this Episode About Empty Nest Moms in Midlife:

  • What it’s really like for empty nest moms in midlife.
  • Why you might be pleasantly surprised by the positive aspects of your empty nest.
  • How you can be proactive when your empty nest is looming in the near future.
  • Why it can be easy to assume that your empty nest will be sad more than happy.
  • Why thinking about your empty nest as a phase, change or transition can help you ease into all of the pros, cons, and inspiration about what’s next for you personally.
  • How the transition to an empty nest may continue for longer than you might imagine as your kids move in and out over the years.
  • Why your broad range of positive and negative emotions during the whole empty nest transition phase may surprise you.
  • What rules, roles, and expectations you may want to think through as your kids come and go over the empty nest years.
  • How increasing mindfulness can help you be more intentional about the way you show up as a mom at this age and stage of your relationship with your young adult kids.
  • Why rediscovering yourself again can be surprising and downright joyful!

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

This week’s episode is about your empty nest in midlife, as a woman in the middle. Join Suzanne, Diane, Kathy, and Laura, empty nest moms from Canada and the USA, in an authentic conversation about what it’s really like in your empty nest when the kids move out.

We’re also talking about the empty nest transition or phase when your nest is emptying but not completely empty yet. And also, when you’re just getting used to the quiet and independence in your nest when they come home again.

My four Empty Nest Panelists are moms who are members of the Women in the Middle Academy.

Empty Nest Moms

Diane is from Ontario, Canada, and is the mom of three twenty-something children. Her eldest has been “launched” – he started a full-time job across the country and her other son and daughter are attending university in a different city. Diane has worked hard to intentionally dream up her best “empty nest”.



Midlife empty nesterSuzanne is also from Ontario Canada. She’s Married, has 2 daughters 24 and 27 both live a plane ride away. She has two dogs, loves the outdoors, and rode horses throughout her childhood. She joined the academy to help her figure out who she is now that the girls have left. She loves to bake, travel and spend time with close friends and is determined to start her own business to have more flexibility and love what she does.




empty nesterLaura is from Arizona and has been married for 25 years. She has two boys, 19 and 21. She’s worked part-time as a Project Manager for 22 years for a local health club and enjoys traveling, Pickleball, gardening, volunteering, and reading.




empty nester momKathy is from New York. She’s been married for 24 years, has two daughters, ages 17 and 19, and an adult stepson who has two young boys, her grandsons. She’s been a school administrator in a school for children with special needs for 12 years and has been an educator in New York City schools for 28 years.




When your kids move out, it can be jarring. Most of us have heard of “empty nest syndrome” and it can be scary. The thing is that the empty next transition can also be a ton of fun!

The bottom line is that mindfulness can really help you navigate through this important transition, with the potential to be more enjoyable than you imagined.

Please enjoy this episode!

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