EP #302: Midlife Career Pivots and Being on the Right Path with Johanna Ginsberg


What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Midlife Career Pivots and Being On the Right Path with Johanna Ginsberg:

  • Why midlife career pivots can be part of being on the right path.
  • Why it can be hard to follow your heart in your midlife career when you don’t have certainty.
  • What a journalist and a criminal defense attorney have to do with developing an inspirational travel program for adults 55+ in Haifa (Israel) and select cities around the world.
  • Why talent, skills, and temperament are critical for moving forward.
  • Why it’s common to not trust yourself to know what you really want.
  • How telling people’s stories can be an important part of your career path.
  • Why it can be terrifying to lose your job in your 50s.Why appreciating the “super connectors” in your life can be critical with midlife networking.
  • Why saying “yes” more when you are changing careers or making a career pivot is a great idea.
  • How the idea for a unique program focused on discovery and inspiration for people over 50s became part of the midlife pivot.
  • Why you can learn to tell better stories and also be a better listener to other people’s stories.
  • How the program Finding North became the natural next step and an invitation to take an adventure.
  • How integrating Jewish wisdom and the power of Jewish storytelling can inspire reflection.
  • Why doing something new in your midlife career can be terrifying.
  • Why listening to your gut and to “that voice” can be critical.
  • Why it’s important to “sit in the muck” for a bit until you get the clarity you’re looking for at the same time you’re trying new things.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is all making midlife career pivots and being on the right path with Johanna Ginsberg.

Johanna Ginsberg is a journalist and attorney who believes everyone has a story to tell and that our narratives connect us to what really matters. And, she had a couple of big career pivots along the way. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a JD from the University of Michigan Law School.

After several years as a criminal defense attorney, she returned to her passion for writing, working first as director of publications at the Jewish Theological Seminary and then at the New Jersey Jewish News, where she was a senior writer. She currently writes on a freelance basis. Her bylines have appeared in The Forward, The New York Jewish Week, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Jerusalem Post, MyJewishLearning.com, and other outlets.

She has earned Rockower Awards, New Jersey Press Association Awards, and the David Twersky Award. And now, Johanna is the co-founder and program director of Finding North LLC, a travel program of reflection and meaning-making in Haifa, Israel, and other cities.

Specifically, Finding North is a travel program of reflection and meaning-making for people 55+ integrating Jewish wisdom and the power of midrash – Jewish storytelling. Haifa and selected cities around the world serve as lenses and landscapes for exploration and introspection. Part summer camp, part retreat, part creative workshop – it’s a really interesting experience for adults 55+.

You’re going to get a lot from this interview.  Please enjoy!

Featured in this Episode:

Co-founders of Finding North: Rabbi Golan Ben-Chorin, Ed.D.; Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, DHL, Johanna Ginsberg

Connect with Johanna Ginsberg

Website: https://findingnorthllc.com/

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