EP #204: Empty Nest & Career Re-Imagination in Midlife with Kelly Christian

What You’ll Learn in this Episode about Empty Nest and Career Re-Imagination in Midlife

EP204 Empty Nest Kelly Christian

  • Why it’s so common to deal with empty nest and career re-imagination in midlife.
  • How an empty nest can feel like a huge, surprising emotional loss in midlife.
  • Why the process of kids growing up and leaving can be a wake-up call.
  • Why it’s important to think about what you want and like in midlife.
  • Why noticing that you miss a community of people in your life can be important.
  • What exploring career possibilities in midlife can look like.
  • How a career in Dyslexia Tutoring can grow, change and be rewarding.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Turning 50, dealing with your new empty nest and re-imagining your career can be a wake-up calls that turn your life upside down. That’s what happened to my guest this week, Kelly Christian.

Kelly’s a woman who has owned her own private dyslexia tutoring practice for close to a decade but felt like life was turning upside down as she headed into her 50’s. She knew she needed to make some changes but didn’t know where to start.

Kelly was surprised by the impact of the many things that were changing in her life. Her children left home, her age and stage of life felt a little different than it had in the past and she wasn’t sure about the direction of her career anymore. Things in her life just seemed off; she felt confusing and discouraging. Kelly also felt like everything was more like an ending rather than a beginning. This was a huge conflict because she wanted to be excited about her life again.

Kelly had been listening to the podcast for about a year and decided to reach out. Coaching helped her start to change her perspective, take more responsibility for her emotional well-being, and understand that her mindset could change to support the life she wanted to create. She started to see that she did have opportunities that she just didn’t see before. Adding more humor, compassion, and curiosity into her daily life also made a huge difference.

Kelly also got curious about her career and what might be possible there. She carefully describes the process she went through and what decisions she ultimately made about her Dyslexia Tutoring business.

Re-imagining her life helped Kelly completely turn everything around. She applying mindfulness concepts and skills, and took full responsibility for how she wanted to show up in her life. She realized how much power she actually had knowing her thoughts were optional and how this awareness would help her continue to grow into the woman she was proud and excited to become. Kelly got her groove back!

Enjoy this episode!

Connect with Kelly Christian, Dyslexia Consultant and Tutor: Email: Kellychristian777@gmail.com

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