EP #185: Creating a Career on the Road in Midlife: Who We Are Now with Michelle Fishburne

What You’ll Learn in this Episode about Creating a Career on the Road in Midlife: Who We Are Now with Michelle Fishburne.

  • How a lay off can turn into an opportunity in midlife.
  • How to use your past to help you figure out your future.
  • How a crisis can motivate creative problem-solving .
  • Why it’s important to document how people are handling the challenges of Pandemic.
  • How you can change your mindset about what’s possible for you in midlife and have an exciting and fulfilling career.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Sometimes your most creative problem-solving happens when you least expect it. Today’s interview is with Michelle Fishburne, someone who was laid off during the early part of pandemic and turned it into an opportunity to make a contribution.

Michelle was a single, empty-nester 57-year-old without a job and without a home.

The way she describes it, Michelle was actually convinced that the best parts of her life were over and that it would be a long, slow, unfulfilling path between now and the end of her life.

The thing was that she knew she wanted a fascinating career, a fascinating endeavor. She felt so stuck. And then it came to her. She hatched an idea.

Michelle moved into her motorhome and drove all over the United States interviewing people about how they have been facing life’s challenges during the pandemic. Her special project is an oral history project called Who We Are Now, and is drawing fans from all over the U.S. and all over the world.

What an adventure and particularly cool story about how it’s possible to change your mindset to not only create a fulfilling career, but also an exciting life!

Enjoy the interview!

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