EP #182: Why Pets are Good for your Health in Midlife and Beyond with Dr. Margit Muller

What You’ll Learn in this Episode about Why Pets are Good for your Health in Midlife and Beyond with Dr. Margit Muller

  • How science supports the positive effect of pets on your mental and physical health.
  • Why animals are the key to happiness, health and success in midlife and beyond.
  • What important hormones are involved in your response to your pets.
  • Why and how your pets will help you cope better with the stress of COVID-19, midlife, empty nest, aging, living alone and more.
  • How the unconditional love from your pets can help you in unimaginable ways.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Pets can have a powerful impact on your mental and physical health. Today’s guest, veterinarian Dr. Margit Muller, sheds light on the scientific evidence to support why it’s mutually beneficial and fun to have relationships with your pets in midlife and beyond (which often include dogs, cats, birds, horses and more!).

If you’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy life with a special pet, you likely know first-hand how much you got out of the relationship. It’s not uncommon for our dogs and cats to be treated like members of the family (especially when you have an empty nest). We love them unconditionally. They love us unconditionally too. It’s a beautiful experience and meaningful on so many levels.

However, while unconditional love is important and amazing, there’s more going on when it comes to the relationship between people and their pets at any age. There are impressive positive health consequences too.

Dr. Margit Muller has experience as Chief Veterinarian and Executive Director at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.  Under her expert leadership, the hospital has become the world’s largest falcon hospital, as well as the world’s leading center for falcon medicine.

Dr. Muller is member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK, the Association of Avian Veterinarians, USA, and the Bavarian Chamber of Veterinarians, Germany and also the author of the Practical Handbook of Falcon Husbandry and Medicine and Modern Veterinary Practice Management.

But the reason I was so excited to have Dr. Margit on Women in the Middle is because she’s also the author of the book, Your Pet, Your Pill: 101 Inspirational Stories about How Pets Lead You to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life. Her extensive personal experiences, inspirational stories, and thought-provoking research have strengthened her belief that pets enrich and bless our lives beyond imagination. I couldn’t agree more!

I know you’re going to love this episode!

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