EP #154: Midlife Makeup and More with Elise Marquam Jahns

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Midlife Makeup and More with Elise Marquam Jahns:

  • Helpful information about midlife makeup.
  • How experiences and skills from throughout your life are clues to opportunities in your future.
  • Why it’s never too late to learn and start new things.
  • Why your “next chapter” is really part of the journey you’ve always been on.
  • The top four makeup tips to look your best in midlife.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today we’re talking about midlife makeup and more with guest midlife beauty expert, Elise Marquam Jahns.

It’s no surprise that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for beauty products. It’s hard to find information about what’s best to use when you’re over 50.

Elise’s story is so interesting. As she describes it, her midlife started a little late, when she retired. It’s never too late to start something new. She trained with a nationally recognized, top makeup artist and worked for six years for a  major cosmetics company, finally launching her company, Boomer and Beyond Beauty.

Elise also writes makeup articles for midlife women for three online sites and recently launched a YouTube Channel (Boomer and Beyond Beauty with Elise). She specializes in helping women 50+ look on the outside how they feel on the inside.

Elise shares the story of her career change as well as her best beauty recommendations and insights, including her top four tips to look your best, even at your age. Don’t miss this episode!

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Elise Marquam Jahns

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