When we don’t do what we really, really want to do

It’s hard to admit that sometimes we don’t do what we really, really want to do.

Sometimes we think we know why.

Sometimes we have no clue.

Sometimes we aren’t connected to our thoughts or feelings at all, and answers seem so far away.

Sometimes, however, it’s clear.

It’s fear.

Plain ol’ sick to your stomach, gotta go to the bathroom now, fear.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as fearful but…fear definitely prevents us from doing lots of things that we really want to do.  This can be everything from leaving a job that bores us to tears, to speaking out in a group, to starting something new.

Many of my clients have talked about this lately. One common theme has been the desire to start blogging.

They say they would love to start a blog. These smart, accomplished, amazing women say they are too busy, too overwhelmed, too technologically challenged and so on….to actually start writing a blog.  And boy, a blog is a small thing compared to what they have done in their lives already!

They speak quite eloquently about why they want to write a blog.  But yet….they don’t. They all have thoughts going on in their head that create feelings that don’t serve them in any way to accomplish their goal of writing a blog.

Thoughts like these are dream squishers – they can really get in the way.

-No one will read what I write.

-Technology scares me.

-I don’t have anything important enough to say.

-People may not agree with what I write.

-I don’t think I can do it.

And the list goes on.

As a coach, it’s my job to take a close look at all of this and help you understand the connection between what’s a fact, and what’s your thought about the fact.  These examples are not facts even though we tend to think of them as such.  They are thoughts.  Thoughts can be changed.  We have complete control over our thoughts.

The good news is that when we embrace NEW thoughts that create more positive, productive feelings, we can drastically change our outcomes.  Yes, this takes practice.  But it’s worth it!

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