What motivates you? It’s probably been the same most of your life!

I was always motivated to to help people.  I’ve been fascinated by human behaviour my whole life.

Thinking about what motivates you is a really important thing to do. Like you, life gets in the way.  Before I knew it, a few decades went by and I realized I wasn’t doing exactly what I thought I would be doing.  I wasn’t helping people the way I thought I could and the way that I always thought that I would.

As it turns out, that’s really what motivates me.  I’ve always been told that people enjoy talking to me. That I offer them fresh new insights.  That I am helpful.  That I’m a good listener. And that was before I became a life coach!

My goal as a life coach is to prepare people to make the necessary changes in their lives, to live the way they really want to live. To help people figure out who they are, what they want, and how to move it all forward, to live an intentional life.  Not just respond to life.  To craft and live the life they really, really want.

Thinking about what motivates you is key.

My overall story is probably similar to yours.

I went to university to study psychology.  Loved it.  I immediately continued and pursued a Master’s Degree.  I was always able to find employment directly related to my education, which was great.  My last job last 19 years; however, my job title and responsibilities changed significantly over those 19 years and by the time I was laid off, my job was barely recognizable.I stayed in that job at least five years longer than I should have.  For a variety of reasons, I couldn’t get up the courage to leave.

I came up with lots of excuses, but the bottom line was, I wasn’t connected with where I wanted to go and how I wanted to spend my valuable time on this planet.  Life was passing me by because of fear and excuses.  And it was becoming more and more obvious, by watching a few friends and family struggle and succumb to illness, that life is short and we must make sure we are living the life that we want.

A lay off is harsh, but, wow, it’s sometimes the shake up that is necessary!

Finally pushed to actually think about what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, I went back to my roots – my core passion.  Understanding people. Helping people gain perspective.  Helping people understand themselves more. Figuring out what motivates me.

With me, I was always really good at “one on one”. Even in graduate school, I pursued qualitative research, where the emphasis is on keen listening skills and really trying to understand from the other person’s perspective. That’s why life coaching has so much appeal! I absolutely love helping clients gain the perspective they’ve been hungry for….perspective on their lives….perspective on their minds!

I’m honored to share some valuable time with you, helping you sort this all out. Even better – check out my download, NINE SECRETS TO GET UNSTUCK IN YOUR 50s!




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