Using a Creative Approach for Greater Mindfulness in Midlife

Using a creative approach can be a super effective way to increase midlife midlife creative creativity

Creativity and coaching are like a match made in heaven. And it’s also a great opportunity for more self-care, self love and reflection! Who doesn’t want more of that?

This artwork featured today is an example of what I mean.

My Creative Approach to Midlife Mindfulness and Coaching

First, I bring in a guest instructor every other month in the Women in the Middle Academy. WITMA is my six month midlife coaching program to help you get unstuck, clear and excited about your life again after 50. It’s all about coaching, community and connection.

The goal is to create another interesting and impactful learning and growth opportunity that leverages the important and fun work we’re doing together to get unstuck, get clear and learn to love life again after 50.

women over 50Sometimes the guest instructors focus on something specifically creative.

I love inviting this kind of guest because my approach and style to coaching and midlife transformation is creative and fun, all while dealing with serious and life-changing midlife coaching around “stuckness” and not being as happy or fulfilled as you know you can be.

This particular workshop is an example of this. My featured work is my mixed media collage in progress, led my our guest instructor this month, Sara Petroff of @petroffdesign. Sitting down to play and create like this soothes the soul!

The focus of the workshop was about honoring your past to inspire your future. Creating opportunities for artistic expression in a very non-threatening and step-by-step way is what I like to call a “sneak attack” on your thoughts. You’re able to relax and access beliefs and thoughts in new and important ways, like without thinking too hard.

As I mentioned, this piece isn’t finished yet, but was so much fun and so inspirational. So far, I’ve incorporated a cute picture of my young, 8 year old self, a chicken soup recipe from an auntie, my parents’ wedding announcement, my mom’s signature from a Valentine’s Day card and a letter I wrote to my 5 year old self.

I have a lot of gratitude and perspective related to thinking about using my past experiences to inspire what I want going forward in midlife and beyond.

So good! Everyone loved the workshop and can’t wait to dive into their projects!

Second, I also teach “Mindful Doodling” in The Women in the Middle Academy.

As a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT), I use the Zentangle Method to teach another level of understand and meaning to present moment functioning. This Mindful Doodling workshop is offered every other month as well.

Zentangle Method Midlife CoachI love using mindful doodling this way because when you’re doing it, it’s so easy to see how you might be rushing or distracted by the next step or even completing your project.  This happens all of the time in real life too and really takes you out of the present moment.

With this form of doodling, you have to slow down and go stroke by stroke to get the desired effect. When you don’t, you will see the result immediately.  Your strokes and lines may not be as consistent as you want or you may alter the pattern unintentionally.  Yes, these may seem like small problems on a little doodle, but it’s really an example of what happens in your life when you don’t focus, slow down and appreciate the present moment!

Learning to be more in the present moment rather than constantly being distracted by self-judgement, perfectionism and limiting beliefs around the importance that goals may be playing in your life is freeing, relaxing and quite illuminating!

This new awareness can easily be applied to so many of the improvements you’re likely working on in midlife.

Ultimately, being more and more intentional about what you want will help you believe and achieve your dreams.

Being excited about your life again is probably exactly what you’re looking for yourself. I know this first-hand and it’s totally possible.

Midlife CoachAre you looking for a fun and creative way to get unstuck and crystal clear about what you want? This coaching community might just be perfect for you! You don’t need to be creative or artistic to learn the important lessons from these types of strategies. It’s one stroke and one step at a time.  If you’re ready to get unstuck and clear about what you want so that you can get excited about your life again, get the support you need to make the changes you want. It’s hard to do it on your own. Book your Momentum Call now! 

Life’s too short to waste time feeling stuck! 



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