Technology doesn’t have to make you feel old

Why is it that certain technology can make you feel old?

I remember when my grandmother moved into our house back in the 1980s.  She was in her 80s and from a small town in Pennsylvania.  Her name was Ethel.  She did not like the microwave.

She didn’t understand it.

She didn’t want to be near it.

She didn’t want to learn how to use it.

That’s how I feel about the TV remote.

I don’t understand it.  I don’t want anything to do with it.  And no matter how many times I get a lesson on how to use it, I forget.  Or I guess to be more honest, I don’t want to learn.  So I don’t pay attention.

My kids have started to feel sorry for me in the summer because they’re at camp and aren’t around to help me record things.  Or find the recorded shows to watch later.  Basically, I don’t watch TV in the summer. The “remote situation” is just beyond me.  Especially because they have reproduced.

There are so many remotes and I have no clue which one does what.

I suppose I could look at the little logo on each of them and figure it out from there.

You know, match up the DVD player to its remote and so on.  But therein lies another problem.

I can’t see.

Logos on remotes are just too tiny.

It’s a lost cause.

empty nest syndrome remotesI had a client once who said that she’s a dinosaur and that makes technology hard.

That she feels a sense of dread when she sits down to the computer and thinks about what social media needs to be done for her business.

We talked about the feeling of dread she was experiencing.  She hated having such a negative feeling in her life. And then we talked about the way that her thinking was producing that feeling.

Her thoughts about aging and being old were leading directly to her feelings about using technology.

This really reminded me of my feelings of confusion and overwhelm about the TV remotes.

While it is true that I have trouble seeing the logos on the remotes, the rest of my difficulty stems from the fact that I have a thought that isn’t serving me in a way that I embrace learning a new technological skill.

#1 Tip to Help Feel Great About Technology

Consider a  small change to your thoughts.

Notice that the actual thought “I’m older” produces a more positive feeling than “I’m old.”

When I think about being older, the first feeling that comes to me is one of experience.  Like being older and wiser.

However, when I think that I’m old, the first feeling that comes to me is one of lack of experience.

Technology is new and I’m old.  This leads me to feel overwhelmed.

So fascinating.  Such a simple tweak can have a huge impact.

Our feelings have a direct impact on our behavior.

When I feel overwhelmed, I get frustrated and either procrastinate or give up.  But when I feel wiser and experienced, I feel more confident and just move forward.  Such different outcomes.

Just imagine the power of your own mind.  It all starts with awareness of your thinking.  Being able to differentiate between facts and thoughts is a great start. Then you will be set up for success when it comes to owning your feelings and navigating your midlife transition intentionally!

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