To dream or not to dream…that’s YOUR question!

Sometimes I forget how old I am.

I’m not even that old.  But it kind of feels like a dream when I remember.

I definitely think it happens more now in my 50s than it happened in my 30s. I don’t think it’s a memory thing.  I think it’s more of a “WTF” thing.

I don’t feel 52.

People tell me I don’t look 52.

I really can’t believe I’m this age.  In my mind, I’m in my late 30s/early 40s I think.

Once I remember how old I am, the next thought is commonly, “where has the time gone?

No one seems to know.

Perhaps it’s with the missing socks. One of life’s mysteries no doubt.

When I start to think about unbelievably fast passage of time, the next thought that pops into my head is about if I’m doing what I always thought I would be doing.

Not one thing.

Not just career.

But overall.

What happened to my dreams?  What happened to fantasizing about wonderful ways to spend time? What happened to a few decades of time?

For me, I got a wake up call when I received a lay off notice from my employer.  That woke me up and opened my “dream door.”  No more excuses really.  I had an opportunity staring me in the face

Is it possible to dream in your everyday life, without a jolt like a lay off

I believe the answer is YES

The first step to dreaming is to realize that you WANT to dream.

Then you decide you are going to prioritize some time to think about dreaming, in a very concrete way.  You can even allocate “time to dream” in your agenda, the way you slot in doctor appointments

But what if you don’t know where to start

I totally understand! Most of us haven’t dreamed in YEARS – maybe even since high school or college, when we had our whole lives ahead of us. That’s one of the GREAT things about midlife. We generally have more time…and it’s about time!

  • FB_Book Recreate_finalThat’s why I wrote The Dream Igniter. It’s a FREE eGuide to help you shake things up and put dreaming on the FRONT burner for a change.  It lists 10 easy tips to get you started right away.

    Afterall, it’s up to YOU to make your midlife transition more intentional.  If you want to sit by and continue to respond to the world around you, haphazardly going from thing to thing without really deciding what you WANT to do, that choice is yours too.

    You can also continue to let other people define your path in life. That’s also a choice.

    Midlife transition doesn’t have to be a crisis.  It can also be a huge opportunity.  (Click to Tweet)

    It’s up to each and every one of us to decide if dreaming is on our personal agenda, and if so, to make time for it. I can help! 





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