Why a midlife funk is the best news ever!

What if being in a midlife funk was a good thing instead of a bad thing?

Seriously. Think about it.

There are lots of times in your life that something “bad” ends up turning into something “good.”

Sometimes it’s surprising, but it’s hard to deny. Midlife transition can be one of those times.

Let’s take a look at what it feels like to be all funked up, so to speak.

When you’re in midlife (typically 40 ish to 60 ish) you might feel:

  • like you’re off, not yourself
  • unsure of what to do
  • that it’s hard to make a decision
  • like you don’t have clarity
  • stuck, like you can’t figure things out
  • like you’re searching, looking for answers you can’t find
  • confused
  • overwhelmed
  • stagnant
  • like you’re wasting time

You also think that what you’re experiencing isn’t a “midlife crisis.” You probably think a “crisis” would be “bigger,” perhaps more debilitating and stressful, with way more emotional turmoil.

That’s not what’s going on.

While it’s not “crisis worthy,” it can’t be ignored. Something’s going on with you.

You’re frustrated and sick of feeling like this. You’re ready for change.

If only you knew what to do.

This funk is dragging you down.

Awareness of a midlife funk is a good thing.


Think about when you first noticed something was up. It usually takes us some time to figure out that it’s not just a bad day. There’s something bigger brewing.

The need for a new direction.

Time for a change.

Once you’re on to yourself, you can take the time to NOTICE what you’re thinking.

At first, you’re just in it. It’s harder to put your finger on what’s going on. But when you’ve been feeling like this for a few months, you start to have more understanding about how you’re feeling. Those feelings will help you figure out the thoughts that are creating them.

For example, let’s take your career. If you’re bored at work, you can ask yourself “why?” The answer might surprise you and give you insight into what that might mean for your next step. It might not be the specific assignment  or project. It might be bigger than that, like you’re not satisfied working behind the scenes or you’re ready for more responsibility. Perhaps now that you think about it, you don’t find your work meaningful anymore and want to give back directly somehow. Your job just doesn’t “fit” with who you are now and who you want to be.

Let’s say your empty nest is looming. Your youngest child just got accepted to college and you’re starting to anticipate what life will be like next year with no kids living at home. You’ve been sad lately but couldn’t really figure out why. Now that you’ve sat with your feelings for a bit, it’s easier for you to also see that there’s a thought driving your sadness. You find yourself thinking about what your relationship with your adult kids will be like and what your main identity will be going forward.

Maybe you’re 50th birthday is coming up. You’re starting to make plans that look great on paper but you’re heart is just not in it. You’re surprised because you really want to do the thing you’ve planned to do. After you take some time to ask yourself what you’re making this birthday mean, you see that you’re thinking this is the age that you’ll finally be “old.” This is the thought that is taking the wind out of your sails.

Our thoughts always create our feelings.

But sometimes we feel the feelings before we can see the thoughts that are causing them.

And that, my friends, is why I think a MIDLIFE FUNK is the best news ever!

A midlife funk is a wake-up call that you’re ready to evolve.

It’s a little tap on your shoulder that you’re ready to grow.

It’s a whisper.

A hint.

A gentle push.

A hug.

Yes, a hug.

A midlife funk is your brain telling you that it’s time for self-care.

That it’s time for YOU to take care of YOU.

Mindfulness is in order.

You know deep down you can’t take it any more and something has to change. Your midlife funk is there to help you take the next step.

Your midlife funk loves you.

So love it back.

Take the time to notice.

Take the time to listen.

Take the time to think.

Take the time to love yourself right out of your funk and into the next best version of yourself.

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