EP #289: The Courage to Pursue Happiness with Vet Coach Nadina Cojocaru, DVM


What You’ll Learn from this Episode about having the courage to pursue happiness in midlife:

  • Why it can absolutely take courage to pursue happiness.
  • How to connect with your physical body to help you determine what you want in life.
  • Why and how Nadina left human medicine to pursue veterinary medicine.
  • How thoughts about an accent can be quite limiting.
  • How coaching can be incredibly helpful in solving weight concerns and body image.
  • Why Nadina knew she had to apply coaching and mindfulness to decrease burnout in the veterinary profession.
  • Why Nadina shares a perspective that one can be grateful for extra weight.
  • How mindfulness can help prevent you from overfeeding your pets.
  • What you can learn about yourself from your urge to overfeed your pets.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is about having the courage to pursue happiness with Vet Coach Dr. Nadina Cojocaru, DVM.

Nadina is a Small Animal Veterinarian and a Certified Life & Weight Coach. Growing up in communist Romania, she went from not knowing where the next meal would come from, to an abundance of food in the early ‘90s, when communism fell. This kick-started her career as a professional dieter, all while trying to find her place in a then male-dominated profession.

The shift came for Nadina when she made the connection between her thoughts and feelings and learned how our brains work. She said goodbye to emotional eating and rediscovered the sparkles and the giggles in her relationship with her body, the food, and the vet profession. She started to have more fun.

Nadina currently lives in Sweden where she works as a small animal veterinarian and as a life coach. She touched through her coaching people from over 20 countries. She also provides the practical tools for vets just like herself to beat the burnout, and the stress, and create a sustainable life that they LOVE – and as I mentioned before, she has a LOT of fun while doing it! Some pounds might even get lost in the process.

Her deep passion for her patients (the animals) and how human brains work, ignited the idea of her latest training, called ”Stop Emotionally Overfeeding the Pets”. The training will support dog and cat owners in dealing with the emotional challenge of helping their beloved pets achieve their naturally healthy weight.

Please enjoy this interview!

Connect with Nadina Cojocaru DVM

“Stop Emotionally Overfeeding the Pets” training: https://www.vetcoachinternational.com/pet-course

Website: https://www.vetcoachinternational.com/

Podcast: Weight Loss For Small Animal Veterinarians

Instagram: @vetcoachinternational

Facebook: @VetLifeCoaching


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