EP 281: How to Make Big Midlife Changes with Podcast Listener Dawn Tolbert

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Make Big Midlife Changes:

  • Why it can be life-changing to make big midlife changes.
  • Why it’s important to listen to your “mean girl” internal dialogue.
  • Why recognizing your urge to be a people pleaser is essential to growing forward.
  • Why it’s important to notice the pace of your life and whether or not it serves you.
  • Why being scattered and frazzled might be a clue that something in your life is off.
  • What it’s like to prioritize doing things in your life that speak to your heart.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is all about how to make big midlife changes with special guest and podcast listener, Dawn Tolbert.

In fact, she reached out to me to thank me for producing the Women in the Middle podcast because it helped her make some pretty significant midlife changes.

Dawn Tolbert is a writer who loves to encourage frazzled women, which is also the way she describes herself. Life is hectic for this 50-something-year-old career woman. She is goal-oriented and apparently convinced that eventually, she will find the perfect planner that will help her hold everything together. She writes to help herself and others remember to break free from the vicious cycle of striving and unwrap God’s gift of rest.

She feels blessed to be doing life with her husband, Larry, who supports her in her dreams. Dawn has a couple of book-length writing projects in the works, enjoys blogging at Dawn Tolbert Writes, hosts the Unwrapping Rest Podcast, and spends way too much time watching crime dramas on TV. She sings in the choir, loves to read and learn, and has three degrees from three universities in three states.

Dawn credits the podcast with helping her get unstuck. Specifically, she says that the podcast helped her leave a job of almost 18 years for a good new opportunity, start a weight loss journey and recommit to writing.

Being an intentional podcast listener can be an awesome first step to making big midlife changes!

Please enjoy this episode.

Contact Dawn Tolbert:

Podcast: Unwrapping Rest with Dawn Tolbert: https://dawntolbert.podbean.com/

Blog: Dawn Tolbert Writes:  http://www.dawntolbertwrites.com

Featured on the Podcast:

Free Midlife Training to Get Unstuck: www.midlifevideo.com

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