Ep 258: Fun on the Daily in Midlife in 4 Easy Steps

Ep 258: Fun on the Daily in Midlife in 4 Easy Steps

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What You’ll Learn About Having Fun on the Daily in Midlife:

  • Why it’s common to want more fun on the daily in midlife.
  • Why these 4 steps actually work to up your fun factor.
  • Why understanding what you actually like to do for fun is critical.
  • 4 easy steps to help you allow more fun into your life on a regular basis.
  • Why developing the skill to notice your thoughts are useful.
  • Lots of examples to illustrate what kind of fun is easy to do on the daily.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode will help you have fun on the daily in midlife in 4 easy steps. Just think…you can be more intentional about this part of your life too, and regret-proof your life!

These 4 super easy strategies will help you get more fun in your life regularly. If you want more fun, it doesn’t have to be a HUGE commitment or a giant vacation. You can learn how to be more tuned into your thinking and what you want. This is a great way to start your journey of owning your fun.

Learning how to acknowledge that you’re actually worth the time and effort to have more fun is so empowering. You can set the stage for this kind of life. In the end, you’ll know exactly how to take small steps for big fun change as you move toward being more intentional about even this tiny slice of everyday life.

Enjoy this episode!

Featured on this episode:

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