EP #234: Part-Time Gig to Full-Time Gig in Midlife with Catherine Lazure

EP #234: Part-Time Gig to Full-Time Gig in Midlife with Catherine Lazure


What You’ll Learn About Part-Time Gig to Full-Time Gig in Midlife.

  • How to use a part-time gig to figure out what you want as a full-time gig in midlife.
  • Why understanding what you’re really passionate about is critical to making a good career change.
  • Why it’s important to look for clues from your professional and personal life.
  • Why you should consider moving forward without a complete and clear plan.
  • How changing jobs several times can help you get clarity.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

A part-time career gig can be the perfect way to get clarity around a full-time career gig that you’re passionate about. My guest this week is Catherine Lazure.

Catherine is a midlife, empty nester who has had to pivot her career many times. Now she’s finally pursuing her passion but she had to figure it all out one step at a time.

Clarity isn’t often instantaneous; however, like so many, there were clues along the way.

It’s common to move forward even when you don’t know the exact path and have clarity around all of the “right” decisions. Catherine listened to her heart and ultimately turned her part-time gig into her full-time gig and now runs CL Executive Services, where she offers virtual executive solutions to small to mid-sized companies.

Catherine successfully pivoted and share’s her experience. I know you’re going to love hearing her story about not settling and pursuing what you’re passionate about. Please enjoy this interview.

Featured in this Episode:

Catherine Lazure, CL Executive Services: https://clexecutivesolutions.ca/

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