EP #237: The Choice to Celebrate your Life after 50: 1 Year Book Anniversary

EP #237: The Choice to Celebrate your Life after 50: 1 Year Book Anniversary


What You’ll Learn About The Choice to Celebrate Your Life After 50 in Midlife:

  • Why it’s important to understand you have a choice to celebrate your life after 50.
  • Why increasing your awareness of your thoughts about aging is valuable.
  • Why it’s important to be curious about what you think and believe on autopilot.
  • Why challenging your thoughts when they don’t serve you is a great skill.
  • Hear the first chapter of the book.
  • Enter the contest for a chance to win a free book; the contest is open all of 2022.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Do you make the choice to celebrate life after 50? It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since my midlife book, 50 Ways to Celebrate Life after 50: Get Unstuck, Avoid Regrets and Live your Best Life, was published!

Birthing a book, no matter the size is an accomplishment to be proud of. There are so many moving parts. But that’s what happened a year ago and I think the book’s main message to make sure to be intentional about celebrating your life is still so relevant.

Not everyone has the ability to age and celebrate long life. Yet, so many of us take that for granted. Learn about six main areas of your life to reflect on and consider celebrating more: They are related to celebrating your age, your self-care, your passion, your relationships, your professional self, and your empty nest. Hear Suzy read Chapter 1, including some of the 50 ways to celebrate your life after 50.

Enjoy this episode!

Featured in this Episode:

Tiny Book Course: Enroll in or get on the wait list for The Tiny Book Course: (As you know, I’m a proud graduate of The Tiny Book Course and I’m an affiliate too because I know that this course will help so many would-be writers who listen to the Women in the Middle Podcast. What this means is that if you get excited about this course and enroll using this special link and discount code, you get to save money and I get a small commission. It’s a total win-win! I only promote products and courses that I’ve personally purchased and that I strongly believe in.)

HERE’S THE LINK!   https://bit.ly/TinyBookFun ; Use Discount Code: SUZYROSENSTEIN

Purchase the Book: Purchase 50 Ways to celebrate life after 50: Go to www.50waystocelebrate.com and download, or go to your favorite online bookseller and purchase a hardcopy there.

And if you purchased the book on Amazon and loved it, I would be so grateful if you left me a 5 star review – it would make my day and help other women find the book and give it as a 50th birthday present!

Want to win a free book? Enter the contest to be eligible to win one of a minimum of 5 books (contest open all of 2022).  Go to:https://bit.ly/feedbacktosuzy and leave a short voice message describing how you’re going to celebrate MORE!

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