Midlife Lessons from a Mulberry Tree

Midlife lessons are everywhere and sometimes they are surprising.Midlife lessons tree

I saw something pretty interesting last week with my Mulberry tree.

One day it was full of leaves.
The next day, it had none.
It dropped ALL of it’s leaves over night.
One night.
It was standing there naked when I noticed it in the morning.
It was so strange.


It got pretty cold that night and I guess what happened next was that the tree decided to drop ALL of its leaves.
It dropped so many leaves that you couldn’t see the ground.
My bird fountain was FULL, lol. No bath for the birds.
It was weird.
And it got me thinking.

What if you could make a midlife decision to go ALL IN on a change like my Mulberry tree did with its leaves?

It looked like the tree just made a big, bold decision to let them go.
To drop them.
Just like that.
It didn’t spin.
It didn’t feel fear.
It didn’t procrastinate.
It didn’t eat or shop online.
The time was right and the tree went all in.
I admired the confidence of this bold move by my tree.
I also admire when one of my clients makes a bold midlife move.
To go from fear to courage.
To make a decision.
And to begin to enjoy their new beginning, whatever it may be.
midlife funk

Now, I know the tree isn’t really “thinking” about when it’s best to drop its leaves.

But, the comparison is fun to think about.
What if we got better at decision making?
What if we got more comfortable feeling discomfort?
What if we got better at being curious about possibility?
I bet we would make decisions with more ease.
Maybe even faster.
Maybe even take more risks.
Maybe be more comfortable with failure.

Do you think you would also experience more joy to thrive in midlife?

Be like a happy, confident tree.
One thought at a time.
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