EP #298: Infuse your Life with Joy with Martha Bourlakas


What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Infuse Your Life with Joy on Purpose with Martha Bourlakas:

  • How to infuse your life with joy.
  • How writing can help you listen to yourself better.
  • How the frustration and anger related to intense unpaid labor can be highly motivating.
  • How having a child with a disability can really teach you an incredible amount about yourself.
  • How your love of baking and keen awareness for making a financial contribution can lead to following your passion.
  • How an authentic champagne cocktail can change your life.
  • How your life experience helps you apply your vast amount of transferable skills (that you’ve likely minimized over the years).
  • Why it’s important to allow yourself to dream and imagine having more, especially in midlife.
  • How something tiny like a rose petal sugar cube can add a lot of sweetness to your life.
  • Why when times are difficult, a little moment of joy can help you pause.
  • How and why a small luxury like a rose petal sugar cube can be more important to you emotionally than you think.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is all about the importance of how to infuse your life with joy with special guest, Martha Bourlakas.

Martha Bourlakas is the founder of Storied Goods, a celebration business that creates infused Sugar Cubes for cocktails, coffee, and tea.

Having received an MEd and her MFA in Creative Nonfiction, she is an author, speaker, and mother of three young adult daughters, the oldest of whom has autism. Her Southern accent was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and she currently resides with her family in Virginia.

Martha speaks candidly and with humor on being an entrepreneur, feminism, challenges facing mothers of children and young adults with disabilities, raising neuro-typical siblings, and how to laugh and celebrate in the midst of it all. There were lots of twists and turns along the way to becoming fulfilled!

Enjoy this interview!

Featured in this Episode:

Suzy’s Book: 50 Ways to Celebrate Life After 50

Susan Hyatt

Suzy’s hydroponic kitchen garden: https://justvertical.com/

Connect with Martha Bourlakas

Instagram: www.instagram.com/storied_goods

Martha’s Website: www.storied-goods.com

Connect with Suzy

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