EP 276: How to Celebrate & Honor Yourself for your 60th Birthday


What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Celebrate & Honor Yourself for your 60th Birthday:

  • Why it’s important to celebrate and honor yourself for your 60th birthday.
  • Why a milestone birthday is a worthy celebration.
  • Why it’s important to check in with your mindset about how you think and feel about aging and birthdays.
  • Why it’s important to practice being in the present moment and increasing awareness of your thoughts.
  • Why getting better at mindfulness can help you celebrate your life in general.
  • How to join a fun opportunity that celebrates the Gift of Aging and your 50th or 60th birthday.
  • Why the “6 in 60 Birthday Blueprint” is the perfect way for you to celebrate and honor your 60th birthday.
  • Where  you can download the “6 in 60” 60th Birthday Blueprint

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Today’s episode is about how to celebrate and honor yourself for an important milestone, your 60th birthday. Even though you may have mixed emotions about this landmark birthday, it’s still an opportunity to celebrate you and the gift of aging.

Learn why increasing your skills around mindfulness and getting better at being in the present moment can positively affect your life. Discover two fun, meaningful and interesting ways to celebrate your 60th birthday: 1) the Gift of 60; 2) the “6 in 60” birthday blueprint.

Remind yourself of the importance of reflection on your milestone birthday. Turning 60 isn’t a privilege that everyone has, but you do. And you have a choice in regard to the way you welcome it into your life. With your mindset dialed in about aging and what it can mean to you and for you on purpose, the sky really is the limit! Get ready to party!

Enjoy this episode!

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Gift of 50 FUNshop (interactive workshop): www.giftof50.com

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