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Your 60th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating! The “6 in 60” Birthday Blueprint is a perfect way to create a fun and memorable experience for yourself! Based on an episode from the Women in the Middle Podcast, this workbook helps you apply what you learn on the show to your own life. This is how you regret-proof your life!


Celebrate Your 60th Birthday With “6 in 60” Birthday Blueprint To Have a Fun & Memorable Milestone Birthday!

The “6 in 60” Birthday Blueprint is a workbook is based on Episode 276 from the Women in the Middle Podcast.

It’s all about how to celebrate & honor yourself on your 60th birthday!

This e-workbook will help you:

  • Get digital coaching guidance to go deeper & apply concepts from the Women in the Middle Podcast about turning 60
  • Discover meaningful & interesting ways to enjoy your 60th birthday
  • Feel confident about doing what you really want in honor of your amazing milestone birthday!

Here’s what’s included in the workbook:

  • Perspective  about the importance of milestone birthdays
  • Specific prompts and questions to help you go deeper into the lessons of the podcast episode
  • 10 prompts to consider and be curious about
  • The “6 in 60” Birthday Celebration Blueprint

If you know you’re supposed to celebrate milestones like this but aren’t quite sure what to do, this workbook is for you!

Let’s face it.  If you didn’t do something fun and memorable to celebrate your birthday, you would probably regret it. the “6 in 60” Birthday Blueprint will help you take matters into your own hands with a smile on your face. You get to do the thinking, planning and enjoying. It’s customized to things in your life that you treasure, value and enjoy.

And you also get to practice giving yourself permission to allow this kind of happiness.

If not now, when?  Turning 60 is something that’s important to celebrate!

Here’s the help you’ve been waiting for.


Use the “6 in 60” Birthday Blueprint to help yourself have a great time celebrating your milestone birthday. Yes…it’s time to embrace aging as a beautiful gift and celebrate joyfully! 

Down your PDF copy today!