EP #54: When your Relationship with your Mom is Difficult, Interview with Karen C.L. Anderson

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:  What it’s like when you’re in midlife and have a difficult mother. How life coaching and mindfulness strategies helped cope with this difficult relationship. What it’s like to work on a difficult relationship with your mother, from a non-clinical perspective. What it’s like to decide it’s best to...

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EP #33: How to Start Regret-Proofing Your Life – BONUS Minisode

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: What it means to “regret-proof” your life. Why you should regret-proof your professional contribution. Why regret-proofing your relationship with yourself is just as important as other kinds of regret-proofing. Why you should regret-proof your relationships with others. How regret-proofing can help you combat the feeling that life is...

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