EP #30: Becoming an Author of Inspiring Stories for Midlife Women with Kimberly Diede

Episode 30Today’s episode is with Kimberly Diede. Kimberly is a woman in the middle entrepreneur who’s an independent author who offers uplifting stories that encourage women in midlife to never stop dreaming and taking chances.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Kimberly became an author of inspiring stories for midlife women.
  • That achieving our dreams takes more than one huge leap of faith, but there is plenty of joy in the journey, despite the inevitable struggles. It’s now or never, and you can refuse to live with avoidable regrets.
  • Our legacy is often shaped by how we live our later years. Our actions now are the things that the people who matter most to us will remember when we are gone.
  • How you can feel better equipped now than at any other point in your life to offer true value to others.
  • Understanding that not everyone will “get you” and that is okay.
  • Having the wisdom to share and previously untapped talents you can use to help spread the messages of your heart to those who are open to hearing them.

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