Regret-proofing your midlife in Canada, eh?

I didn’t know I would end up as a midlife, American woman living in Canada. Nothing about my childhood would have indicated that this would be my path. In fact, I’m now a proud dual citizen. But as a kid, if someone would have asked me where I thought I would live at this point…

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Vulva hygiene and other midlife humor

Who knew that vulva hygiene could be a source of midlife humor? Well, on second thought, how could it NOT be? Seriously ladies…life can get pretty funny. Sometimes when you least expect it. Like at the OB-GYN. Let’s face it…the whole experience at these appointments is usually not fun or funny. The stress before. The…

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How to manage your urge to freak out

Sometimes it’s easier to freak out than not to freak out. Has this happened to you? Wait, why am I even asking. I know it has. How can it not? Life can be hard! And confusing. And stressful. And scary. Since I’ve become a life coach, I’ve seen first-hand how empowering the mindfulness strategies that…

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scary fear change

Why you should do something scary

We spend most of our lives trying to feel better, be more comfortable and avoid scary things. Most of us don’t go out of our way to do something that creates fear. Wouldn’t you agree? The older we get and more control we have over our lives, the more this seems to be so. Keep…

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Three incredibly simple ways to change your thoughts to create what you want

It’s not always easy to think intentionally. You know you have to change your thoughts. But you don’t yet believe your new thoughts. Sometimes, you also know that you’re in a funk. You feel it. You see it. You’re not happy about it. You’re stuck. And even though you sense that you know what to…

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midlife commitment goals mindfulness

Why quitting on yourself sucks

Quitting anything can be hard. It can be stressful and suck big time. But…it can also create a feeling of relief. We usually don’t think of quitting with little things. Quitting usually seems like a “big” thing. Especially in midlife…we’ve seen a lot of quitting by then. Let’s take a closer look. It’s pretty common…

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Toronto: DIY Mixed Media Vision Board!

Introducing Vision Board UNPLUGGED! A Life Coaching & Motivational Art Workshop Package just for you! It started out as a dream of mine and by partnering up with a local art studio, Studio p, I was able to bring it to life! Vision Board UNPLUGGED is all about blowing up the whole vision board concept.…

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stuck midlife first step

Feeling “midlife stuck”? Take the first step!

  Sometimes you know it’s time to make a change, but you just can’t get your head around it. It’s so frustrating to be stuck like this – such a waste of time. This is a super common way to feel in the midlife transition years. You don’t think you’re having a midlife crisis, but…

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midlife friends memories

How to create amazing memories with midlife friends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Midlife gals…are you having as much fun creating amazing memories with your friends as you could be? My guess is that you’re not. I had an interesting airplane seatmate last week while flying to California. I was settling into my window seat as a group of middle-aged men walked on…

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university blog empty nest

Empty Nest: How to stay calm when your kid picks YOUR university

It happened. My kid fell in love with my university and is heading there in the Fall. It’s hard to stay calm. I have to say, it’s wonderfully weird. The whole experience of my three kids figuring out what they wanted to study and where they wanted to go to university has been so interesting.…

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