Do you scream for ice cream? Yummy mindfulness

I’m sure you remember that little ditty from childhood, “I scream, you scream, we all scream ice cream!” Even in midlife, several decades after you and your friends would “sing it,” it’s pretty much STUCK up there in your mind. STUCK. LIKE. GLUE. It’s like that with lots of songs and tunes actually. More so…

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How to get through your midlife funk

It takes someone older and wiser to get through a midlife funk. Why? Because a midlife funk only happens to someone is actually older and wiser. Hard to believe that it’s even happening to you, right? You probably can’t believe you’re as old as you are. I can’t, that’s for sure. I even forget my…

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Are you a woman in the middle? Loving your life after 50

Do you love your life at this point in your life, over 50? I’ve started to think about this age and stage of midlife as being a WOMAN IN THE MIDDLE. Now, we all know that a certain age in midlife isn’t necessarily the “middle” of your life. We have no clue how long we…

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Falling in love again at my age…with a pair of shoes

Ladies, it happened. I fell in love again…with a pair of shoes…at my age. At 53, I thought I was too old. I thought I forgot that special feeling. I thought I was over this sort of thing. I thought I would never experience intense emotion like this again. But then….I saw them across a…

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Why my layoff was the best surprise ever!

When I received a layoff notice four years ago this week, it was an unwelcome surprise. I was minding my own business, deep in thought at work when I got the knock at my door. I was told, “I need you for a meeting.” Even though I was caught off guard, I knew instantly something…

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Celebrating the accidental mom: Raising your sister’s child

This week I watched in awe as two of my closest friends celebrated a major transition with their sisters’ children. Each family situation was similar, but different. One lived in Florida. One lived in Ontario. One was the guardian of her 18 year old niece. The other the guardian of her 13 year old nephew.…

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Regret-proofing your midlife in Canada, eh?

I didn’t know I would end up as a midlife, American woman living in Canada. Nothing about my childhood would have indicated that this would be my path. In fact, I’m now a proud dual citizen. But as a kid, if someone would have asked me where I thought I would live at this point…

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Vulva hygiene and other midlife humor

Who knew that vulva hygiene could be a source of midlife humor? Well, on second thought, how could it NOT be? Seriously ladies…life can get pretty funny. Sometimes when you least expect it. Like at the OB-GYN. Let’s face it…the whole experience at these appointments is usually not fun or funny. The stress before. The…

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How to manage your urge to freak out

Sometimes it’s easier to freak out than not to freak out. Has this happened to you? Wait, why am I even asking. I know it has. How can it not? Life can be hard! And confusing. And stressful. And scary. Since I’ve become a life coach, I’ve seen first-hand how empowering the mindfulness strategies that…

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scary fear change

Why you should do something scary

We spend most of our lives trying to feel better, be more comfortable and avoid scary things. Most of us don’t go out of our way to do something that creates fear. Wouldn’t you agree? The older we get and more control we have over our lives, the more this seems to be so. Keep…

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