EP #218: Exploring Online Community Building & Connections with Marilen Crump

EP #218: Exploring Online Community Building & Connections with Marilen Crump


What you will learn more about exploring online community building & connections with Marilen Crump.

  • Why online community building is more important than ever before.
  • How the pandemic experience influenced our sense of community.
  • Why sharing your mission statement is critical with community building.
  • How disconnecting and reconnecting is a common part of the Covid experience.
  • How technology has had a direct impact on connecting online.
  • Why thinking about what you want out of the communities you’re in is important.
  • Why community building and participation can be a fulfilling part of midlife.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Exploring online community building & connections is more important than ever before. Before the pandemic, who knew that something called “ZOOM” would wind up being a critical app for connection in so many of our lives! The online space, both professionally and personally, is creating so many interesting opportunities for connection.

My guest today is Marilen Crump. Marilen has a ton of experience with community building.

She’s the owner of ARTINSPIRED, LLC which she established in 2000 to serve Creatives and Dreamers that are passionate about growth in purpose and passion. She thrives in spaces where people are playing BIG – and – getting YOU Ready to Step into the Next Level is her Passion.

Marilen touches upon so many disciplines and as an entrepreneur she has the ability to choose what to concentrate on and dive into. She’s also a sought-after Business Development Coach and Marketing Strategist and has turned ARTINSPIRED into a GLOBAL Brand serving people in multiple countries like UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. She also recently launched the Phenomenal Female Business Network and serves as its President and Creative Programs Director.

I know my interview with Marilen is going to give you lots to think about when it comes to how you connect with people online. Please enjoy this episode!

Connect with Marilen Crump:

Phenomenal Female Business Network  (affiliate link)

Instagram: @marilencrump

Marilen Crump’s Website:  

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