EP #134: Do you Feel Old in Midlife?

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about if you Feel Old in Midlife:

  • Why you sometimes feel positive about being old, and sometimes not.
  • How “being old” is really a thought that creates your feelings.
  • Why it’s important to reflect on the many times that you felt old when you were young.
  • The difference between feeling old and thinking that you’re old.
  • Five easy steps to thinking about being “old” more intentionally.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is about feeling old in midlife. It’s important to talk about feeling old because it takes up so much emotional and intellectual real estate at this age and stage of life.

Do you remember when you first felt old? It’s funny but feeling old isn’t intrinsically positive or negative. In fact, often, when you’re young, you probably enjoyed when you felt old. But it’s a different story in midlife.

Many different things can trigger you to feel old. It’s not the same for everyone. What’s important though, is for you to understand what you’re thinking and how it’s making you feel.

This episode takes a look at when you first started to feel old and why, the difference between feeling old and thinking that you’re old, and five easy steps to help you think about feeling old (or not) in a more purposeful way.

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