Ep #90: 9 Secrets to Get Unstuck in Midlife

What You’ll Learn from this Episode About Secrets to Get Unstuck in Midlife:thrive midlife get unstuck

  • Why it’s common to feel stuck and want to get unstuck in midlife, especially your 50s.
  • Why the way you think about being stuck can affect your ability to unstick yourself.
  • How understanding that your excuses are optional can help you move forward.
  • Why not knowing what you want can keep you stuck.
  • Why noticing when you’re envious can help you have insight about what you want.
  • How making a small change can actually propel you forward.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week we’re taking a look into how to get unstuck in midlife, especially in your 50s.

So many midlife women think that they are stuck being stuck. What I mean is that when you feel stuck, it can feel like the answer for how to move forward is beyond your reach, that you can’t do anything about it yourself. You want to thrive in midlife but…you can’t yet. Thinking about being stuck like this actually works to keep you stuck.

It may seem counterintuitive to believe this. Understanding your thinking and then changing your thinking can be one of the keys to forward movement.

Being stuck in midlife can feel dire. It’s hard not to hear the “life’s too short” mantra in your head, that you’re running out of time. You start to get worried that if you don’t figure things out quickly you will waste more valuable time. It can feel like the clock is ticking on your life.

Today’s podcast unlocks 9 secrets to get you unstuck. Each secret also has an accompanying application tip for how to make the tip actually work in your life.

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