Exclusive midlife insider secret—menopause can be joyful!

Menopause and joy aren’t two words that can commonly be found together in a happy little headline. I’m here to suggest that sometimes they just might go together just fine. Maybe not as nicely as peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps not as great as apple pie and vanilla ice cream. And maybe not right away….…

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Suzy Rosenstein | Midlife Transition Coach

Are you rockin’ your midlife chapter?

Is this you?  Are you living the life you thought you would be living by now? If you answered yes to that question, AWESOME! I’m a Life Coach who specializes in midlife. I’m looking for people like YOU to be on a new Facebook page called Midlife UNPLUGGED! This page will feature older and wiser…

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How drums saved the day in this midlife mom’s once quiet abode

Hard to imagine that drums could save the day. “I hate piano.” That’s what my middle son said, over and over. It was hard for me to hear.  I just imagined all three of my kids would be musical because my husband and I were musical.  Music was such a huge part of our lives. When…

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Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Midlife and learning new things

We are older and we have a young dog. When my husband signed us up for a two-day carting workshop (my dog, Niko the Landseer Newfoundland, my husband and me), I was hesitant. I didn’t see why my dog would embrace the strange skill of actually pulling a large cart. I thought things like: *Why…

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What was your dream career when you were a kid?

Do you remember what your favorite career was when you were young? Perhaps this career was what you researched way back in 9th Grade Careers Class. You know…the class that REALLY got you thinking about your future employment. I remember it.  Way back in 9th grade at Penndale Junior High. I don’t remember the teacher…

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Suddenly fearful about flying: Would you book a flight on September 11?

I had to book my flight. So I finally took care of the details. I made my flight arrangements for an upcoming work retreat in California. I was so excited. I love California and whenever I “have to go,” I’m over the moon! Except this time. As I was booking my flights, that little calendar…

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coach blog life lessons empty nest

Are they ready for university? Fundamental life lessons from a midlife mom

August and September mean university. College. Kids leaving the nest. I panicked, even though I had another son who had already left for university. Even though I had lots of lead time. Even though I had been through it before. Even though I thought I was prepared. While we were driving our super full mini-van on the highway…

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Family vacations, sailing adventures, hurricanes and midlife stress

Can you still be a good mom if take your family on a sailing trip with a hurricane or two? I was super excited for our family vacation this year. We would be flying to the Caribbean to board a catamaran to go sailing for a glorious week filled with fun, sun and aquatic bliss!…

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empty nest college siblings

Unsurpassed boredom—when the older siblings leave for college

Leaving for college isn’t the best day in the world for everyone. The day is fast approaching. In fact, it’s the day that my youngest child has been dreading. The day that both of his older brothers leave for college and he’s left alone….with us. Actually, I think the bigger issue is that he will…

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The fearless couple (well, not exactly!)

How to Survive a Midlife Crisis | Grand Canyon Adventure

Today’s blog I’m going to outline how to survive a midlife crisis – well, how I do it…… Adventurously! It’s so interesting to talk to people about midlife. Before you know it, you hear things about reading glasses, colonoscopies, weight gain, boredom at work and empty nest syndrome. Most aren’t comfortable admitting to something called…

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