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Get clear about why your entrepreneur experience isn’t not where you want it to be yet & confident about what to do to get you there!

In 2 hours, we’ll take a deep dive into your thoughts about your business and overall lifestyle to discover what’s getting in your way and what your priorities are so you can start to create the work life balance and success that you’re excited to have!

Here are some examples of what you might like to focus on:

  • Work life balance
  • Resistance to do certain things in your business
  • Confusion about strategy
  • Decision-making
  • Technology angst
  • Visibility and social media
  • Accountability
  • Classic midlife issues that make it harder to run your business (like energy, aging parents, etc.)
  • Creating a better schedule
  • Taking more vacation
  • Or whatever!


Book your Entrepreneur Happiness Breakthrough Private Coaching Session!

We’ll be using my F.U.N. Approach to bust through what’s keeping you stuck and dive deep! Here are the phases of the coaching process.

F: Find your thoughts…

Get coached to do a deep dive into your midlife “stuckness” so that you discover what’s holding you back.

U: Understand what you want…

Identify your priorities for your future so you don’t have regrets.

N: Nurture commitment to yourself… Learn how to follow through so you can get what you want.

Ready to take a step toward building your roadmap to more meaning and more fun in your next chapter?