Kick-Start 50

Kick off your 50's in a way that gets you excited about your life!

I help amazing midlife women like you understand what you want and what you need to regret-proof your midlife. You finally plan your future your way, in total alignment with what you want.

Kick-Start 50 is a motivational and inspirational coaching EXPERIENCE that makes your dreams take flight and helps you take intentional ACTION to make sh!t happen, finally.

Yes...even at your age.

In fact...ESPECIALLY at your age!

Have you ever put what you really want to happen in your life to paper? Maybe you've done goal planning. Maybe you've even made a vision board. Now that you’re older, you feel the need to do this kind of planning, dreaming and scheming or you'll have regrets.

You've probably set goals and made resolutions before but...didn't make much progress.

When it comes to goal planning and vision boards in particular, you may have even made one that didn't work and it left you frustrated; that's NOT what this experience is about. But I know that you're not alone. You can't just dream up an awesome vision and expect your life to change by itself. There's more to it than that.

Do you:

  • Feel frustrated because you don't really know what you want in this phase of your life?
  • Watch the years keep rolling by without much changing?
  • Wish you could get on the "live your best life" train but feel overwhelmed?
  • Think you can't do a visioning work because you have no clue what you really want?
  • Feel negative about aging and your 50s?
  • Wish you could get excited about your empty nest but aren't quite there yet?
  • Wonder how in the world you're going to make big changes anyway when it's just so hard?

Suzy Rosenstein is a Master Certified Life & Weight Coach


Get Started Now - Only $197

I hear you! Doing visioning work can be an amazing but it's not magic.

And it can feel impossible because of the way you feel about your 50s.

You think about what you CAN'T do instead of what you CAN do.

However, my friends, it IS quite magical when you create the life you want.

Imagine if you knew exactly what you wanted in midlife and exactly how to make it happen.

That's what I'm talking about here.

You're no longer be confused and overwhelmed.

Instead, you have the tools, direction and support you need.

You're finally able to finally bust through this murky or non-existent plan you have for your future.

You're actually EXCITED about your future!

Think about it. When you know exactly what you want, you can focus on making it happen!


That's the exact reason I created the Kick-Start 50 Coaching Experience, to take you from not even having a sense of direction for what you would really like to be part of your future to having the most up-to-date, shiny and exciting road map available!

That's really being "older and wiser" is all about.

That's why you have to get serious about this. Life's too short to waste time being stuck.

We're going to use a really fun approach.

You'll be making a Kick-Start 50 Happiness Board.

It's a guide, like a map.

It's a visual reminder kind of like a vision board, but better.

You won't lose track of your plan because it's all right there, waiting for you.

But that's NOT ALL!

Kick-Start 50 goes even deeper. You also gives you life coaching  and support.

With coaching, guidance, prep and materials, you'll first make something visual that REALLY WORKS because it's done in a DIFFERENT way!

Instead, it's based on unique PROMPTS and QUESTIONS that go deeper and help you think about how you want to regret proof your life and raise your overall level of happiness. And...the format is really easy to use so you actually SEE it regularly.

You'll then share your ideas and get COACHING with other amazing life-minded women and then get GROUP COACHING to make sure you are prepared to move forward.

That's how you're going to bring you're going to KICK-START YOUR 50s and bring your dreams to life!

That's how you're going to make sh!t happen. get something super cool, super fun, super amazing...

You get a HAPPY PACK in the mail. 

Everything you need to make your Kick-Start 50 Happiness Board!

Specifically, your Happy Pack will arrive in the mail...snail mail that is.  It's a contains everything you need to get going and actually create a visual tool that actually works; it will be shipped to you as soon as you register.


  • HAPPY PACK (worth over $40 alone) that includes everything you need to create your Kick-Start 50 Happiness Board
  • 90 MIN KICK-START 50 REGRET-PROOFING WEBINAR: You get a 90 minute virtual, webinar on ZOOM where you get direction, motivation and support so that you can finally shift your mindset and plans about getting excited about your 50s.
  • GUIDANCE AND COACHING: You get guidance and coaching from me, Suzy Rosenstein, a Master Certified Life Coach, about how to do the thought work that helps you actually take action; it's completely different than when you tuck a traditional vision board away under your bed or in your closet.
  • COACHING AROUND EMOTIONS: You get coaching to to identify and manage the emotions necessary to take action on your HAPPINESS BOARD and finally be clear about and take action on your plans for your future.
  • TOOLS: you get tools to help you identify and strategize around the obstacles that may get in your way so that you can really move your life forward.
  • A FUN GROUP FORMAT and COMMUNITY: You get a webinar workshop that's in group format, which makes it a super fun thing to do with your friends and family, and/or the new friends you will meet during our work together!
  • PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSION: YES! You get a 30 minute, private, one-on-one coaching session with me that you can book up to four weeks after the Kick-Start 50 Webinar so that you can take a deeper dive into your top priorities and be crystal clear on your plans to move them forward! (one session alone is worth $150!)

Visioning activities and tools can be strong visual cues to help you create the life you want, on purpose. But they won't work alone. The skills you learn here with Kick-Start 50 Coaching will help you move forward on some of your most important dreams, finally, even at your age!



WHEN? Next class will be announced soon!

NOTE: To guarantee delivery of your Kick-Start 50 Happiness Pack and give you time to create your Happy Board, you must register and pay in full asap. To get the most out of this experience, it's best to give yourself ample time.

Book now to kickstart your amazing future with KickStart 50 and get going!



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