What do you Crave to Live your Best Life?

What do you crave to live your best life these days? crave midlife live your best

Do you even know?

Maybe you’re just picking up a low grade, unidentified feeling perhaps?

I’ve been thinking about this lately.

I think it’s one of those weird midlife experiences on the road to figuring out how to live your best life.


I remember once when I was pregnant, I was craving brisket like there was no tomorrow.

And it was during the holiday of Passover and the stores I needed were closed.

Nothing in my freezer either.

I was going crazy and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Somehow – and I really don’t remember how or why – but my Auntie, who lives across the street, found out and had some brisket with my name on it, lol.

I felt so satiated.

While this is a funny little memory, it’s really not what I’m getting at here though.

I’m coming in at a higher level.

A more significant level.

What are you craving IN YOUR LIFE?


Not just a guess.

Not just a hope and a prayer.

Your insight about what YOU need.

Are you with me?

Most times of the year, it’s not that difficult to find some brisket or other food that you love.


THIS type of craving is different and often a little more complex to sort out.


put yourself first in midlife

In midlife, you don’t often identify the feeling as craving.

It usually presents itself as some discomfort.

Maybe frustration or confusion.

You just feel stuck.

You hear yourself saying that “I just want to get unstuck.”

You’re not yet clear about the “crave.”

But, my friend.

It’s there.

Hiding underneath the surface of your awareness.

I know it may not seem like you KNOW.

But I believe you know more than you think.

I’ve seen it time and time again with amazing women in the middle.

Women like you.

That’s actually what I can do with you as your coach. Shine a light on your thoughts to help you find out what you crave.

And I love this job like nobody’s business!

That’s my question for you today.

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t just stop there feeling all frustrated and confused.

Ask yourself what you crave.

Here are some synonyms for crave, just to get your mind more around the concept:

SYNONYMS. long for, yearn for, hunger for, thirst for, dream of, aspire to, set one’s heart on, have as one’s aim, have as one’s goal, seek, be bent on. desire, want, hope for, hanker after, wish for. sigh for, pant for, pine for. lust after, covet

I actually love the idea of you “panting for” the life you want in your next chapter, lol.

But I think you get the drift.

Life is short my friend. Time to take yourself and what you want seriously.

And you can be more intentional than you probably are!


Need more help? Grab a copy of my free guide, 10 Insightful Questions to Reimagine your Life!



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