Client Testimonials

It felt great to have someone listen without judgement. I felt really comfortable discussing some sensitive topics that had been bothering me for a while. I needed to take action, but felt too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. The very best part of our session was how you helped me to think “outside the box” and realize all the other options I have!

Sharon, Ontario

Suzy helped me identify a particular negative self-image attitude that has been detracting from my career fulfillment.She also helped me to re-frame my expectations and change my thought pattern around my current employment situation

Lorynne, Ontario

Suzy really helped me to identify areas of my life that badly needed my attention, to set priorities, and to find the courage to face areas I’d been avoiding for months.I felt constantly supported by Suzy, but also strongly encouraged to rethink some of my fixed ideas. Suzy had a knack for sensing when we were focused on the most salient aspects of my challenges and refused to budge until we had teased apart what was keeping me stuck. It was fun to work with Suzy. I felt that she was sincerely present and interested in my well-being. At the end of our six sessions, I feel more grounded in my life and far more hopeful about my future.

Martha, Ontario

Suzy asked insightful questions that helped me clarify what I needed to do to move a new venture forward.

Margaret, Ontario

Suzy really helped me to take a more relaxed approach to doing household tasks. She was personable, listened carefully to my concerns and gave spot-on suggestions.

Dawn, Pennsylvania

I worked with Suzy for several phone sessions. Even though she was not there in person, I felt she was deeply engaged and listening. More than that, her questions and suggestions were spot on and extremely helpful with identifying the blockers that were preventing me from achieving my potential. She is passionate about what she does and is very competent. I would recommend her to all who want an honest, no-nonsense life coach who deeply cares about her clients

Drew, Massachusetts

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