Falling in love again at my age…with a pair of shoes

Ladies, it happened. I fell in love again…with a pair of shoes…at my age.

At 53, I thought I was too old.

I thought I forgot that special feeling.

I thought I was over this sort of thing.

I thought I would never experience intense emotion like this again.

But then….I saw them across a crowded room.

Something shiny caught my eye.

Off in the right hand corner of the room.

I wasn’t looking for them.

I wasn’t prepared to fall in love.

I noticed the heels too and struggled as I remembered I actually hated wearing heels.

There was something special about this pair that I couldn’t resist.

They were understated but bold.

Black but with silver accents.

At first, the round, flat, silver metal studs drew me in.

And then….

I was completely smitten with the curvy ankle strap with sparkly buckle.

I was a total goner.

I was swooning as I walked around the store, looking at my feet in the mirrors, searching for a justification to buy them.

I couldn’t find any.

Not one to be found.

I tried.

I paced around some more.

I asked strangers for their opinions.

But I couldn’t find one reason to spend $170 on a pair of shoes that had a high heel and that I didn’t really need.

And then I remembered something.

Another time way back when….a time that I felt this feeling….a time that I also fell in love with a pair of shoes.

The year was 1981.

I was a senior in high school.

The object of my affection was a pair of burgundy clogs, with a gold chain across the top.

I was also smitten then.

Head over heels in love with those shoes.

Yes, pun intended.

And I recognized the feeling again.

For no apparent reason other than pure joy, I felt like I needed these shoes.

Seriously, I stood there absolutely giddy.

Fortunately, I was alone.

My kids and husband weren’t around rushing me through the store or questioning my purchase.

I was all by myself.

Just me, the saleswoman, about a hundred strangers or so and my gorgeous shoes.

OOOPS….Did I just say “my”?

Oh…I guess I did.

The 1000s of other shoes didn’t hold a candle to these. They didn’t capture my complete attention.

I only had eyes for one special pair.

The pair with the pretty silver dots.

Even though I didn’t need them.

Even though the heel was a bit high for me.

This deal was done.

The lesson, my friends, is: You’re never too old for a gorgeous pair of shoes.

You can fall in love again.

And you should.

Because you can.

Because it feels good!

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PS: If you’re interested, these gorgeous show-stopping shoes are called Dotty and made by Onex; I found them here. This is the online store for a particularly AMAZING shoe store in an adorable small town called Bobcaygeon, Ontario (Canada).




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