EP #30: How I Quit My Corporate Job to Help Midlife, Plus-Size Women RUN! with Jill Angie

Ep #30: How I Quit My Corporate Job to Help Midlife, Plus-Size Women Run with Jill Angie

  • How Jill Angie knew it was time to quit her corporate job in midlife.
  • What “feeling done” looks like in midlife.
  • What it’s like to teach midlife women to run.
  • What to do when you’re afraid of failing in your job.
  • How your thoughts can keep you stuck at any age.
  • How exciting it can be to follow your dreams in midlife.
  • How embracing discomfort and failing can be the most rewarding experience of your life.
  • How important it is to stop holding back because you’re afraid – just do it!

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week’s episode introduces to someone who quit her job in corporate life to teach plus-size women how to run. My guest today is Jill Angie, someone who followed her dreams!

Jill is a Life Coach and Running Coach at Not Your Average Runner. She’s a woman in the middle who took a big risk and left a great job in “Corporate America” to follow her dream. She knew nothing about running her own business. But she understood that she needed to make a change.

Jill decided to dive in. She started working with one-on-one clients as a personal fitness trainer. During her first year, she even wrote a book for midlife, overweight women about how they could start running in the body they currently have. Jill quickly realized how important it was for women to hear this message. By putting this book out there, she was changing lives. You never know what will happen when you pull up your big girl panties and get to work, especially in midlife.

Yes, Jill was scared. But she did it anyway. She checked her fear at the door and did the work she knew she needed to do. Staying small was not an option. Jill loves her new career; She supports women, no matter where they are in their running journey, and helps them “Run their Best Life.”

Like so many of the episodes in this podcast, Jill shows us how you can really do what you want when you open yourself up to growing, be true to yourself and take a risk. She’s happier and more fulfilled than ever before. Sometimes what you start out doing isn’t what you end up doing, but through trial and error, you can figure it out and find a direction and career that you love.

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