EP #61: How to Find Joy when you Quit your Job without a Plan, Interview with Rose Schmidt

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Find Joy in Midlife when You Quit Your Job without a Plan with Rose Schmidt:

  • How to find joy in midlife when you quit  your job without a plan.
  • How a wake up call can really push you forward when you’re hesitant about change.
  • How losing loved ones can shake you up and help you think about what you really want in life.
  • What it was like to think about leaving a 25 year job only 5 years from pension and retirement.
  • Why being at a “good job” too long can make you feel stagnant and unfulfilled.
  • What Rose’s phase of “searching” and thinking “who am I” actually looked like.
  • How looking at your finances and exploring possible lifestyle sacrifices can actually open doors.
  • Why exploring and thinking about what you want can be enhanced by the lack of a deadline.
  • How reflecting on your childhood can shed light on what can bring you joy.
  • What Rose finally realized was missing from her life.
  • How Rose found her way to significant fulfillment and joy by working on environmental issues, climate change and climate solutions.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Woman interview features Rose Schmidt, someone who quit her job in midlife without a solid plan for how to make a living. She totally did something scary and is here to tell you all about how she did it and what she learned.

Rose  lives in Ontario, Canada. She had  a  pretty  big  wake  up  call after some pretty significant loss. As a result,  she knew she just couldn’t stay in career she had for 25 years.

Rose went from  being  a  employed  Psychology Associate  in  a  stable  job long term job  with  a  nice retirement  package  to  actually quitting her job only five years from being able to collect her pension to explore  who  she  was.

Rose  shares  what  it  was  like  to  make  this  big,  life  changing  decision  and  actually  figure  out  who she  wanted  to  be.  She  needed  to  overcome  her  fear  of going  forward  without  being  employed or having a specific, detailed plan of what to do next.

She finally  had  time  to  pursue  things she  forgot  how  much  she  loved.  As  Rose became less fearful, she gradually let  her  need  for  creativity  and  helping  people  guide her, and her  life  has  changed  dramatically and in ways she never imagined.

Rose’s experience after quitting her job is really about how important it is to be open to opportunities and possibilities rather than being stopped by fear. She has a deepened appreciation for how community can become critical to you in terms of being connected to other like-minded people. She also shares how saying “yes” way more often than you want to can change everything for you when you know you’re ready for change. I can’t  wait  for  you  to  hear  her  story!

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