EP #39: Why What You Loved as a Kid is Important in Midlife

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s important to understand what you loved as a kid.
  • How identifying what you always loved growing up can bring you insights in midlife.
  • How to look at your passions and interests from your childhood in a different light.
  • How clues from your past can help you find what’s missing in your life now.
  • Why understanding why you kept certain nostalgic items may be important for you to have a more fulfilling life.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week’s episode is all about taking a close look at what you really loved as a kid and why it’s important for you now, in midlife. More specifically, this episode looks how you get a handle on what used to bring you joy, explores why it used to bring you joy and shows you how important it is to be open to finding clues from your past to have a richer and more fulfilling life going forward.

Most Women in the Middle have kept a few interesting and nostalgic things from their past. My closet has lots of things in it that I still feel sentimental about. Even to this day. Things like clogs, my high school band jacket, tiny little photos from grade school, negatives from the days we used to take pictures with film, college acceptance letters and even my old ventriloquist dummies are taking up valuable real estate in here.

However, these items also hold important clues to what’s really important to me. It doesn’t look very clear right away, but when you really take a close look at everything related to the particular item, you will quickly see your way to a great understanding and awareness of what you need.

Join us as we take a look at how relevant your old stuff may be to you now, as a midlife woman. Start to think about what has always captured your attention. What have you always been curious about? What has always brought you joy? What made you happy back then is highly likely to make you happy again. What will you remember as you start to take a look at all of this? The questions are yours for the asking; the clues are YOURS for the finding. Have fun with it!

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