EP #213: How to Reimagine Coffee and Connection in Midlife with Sharlene Wilder

EP #213: How to Reimagine Coffee and Connection in Midlife with Sharlene Wilder


What You’ll Learn in this Episode about How to Reimagine Coffee and Connection in Midlife.

  • How you can reimagine coffee and connection in midlife in the pandemic.
  • Why it’s common to get comfortable living life without small adventures.
  • How happiness clues are available even when you least expect them.
  • Why coffee dates are a great way to connect with people and enjoy coffee.
  • How focusing on ways to support and give back to local businesses is motivating.
  • How you can incorporate more adventure and fun into your life.
  • Why coffee runs are great little adventures for families, even with your empty nest in midlife.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Who knew that coffee could be reimagined to be an amazing way for more connection in midlife, even during the Pandemic? Today you’ll meet someone who did just that and it turned into the most delicious unexpected adventure!

My guest today is Sharlene Wilder, someone who’s career as a professional event planner basically disappeared during the pandemic. But that’s not where the story ended; instead, that’s where the story began. Sharlene had some extra time on her hands and as a result, she totally came up with a creative idea. She reimagined coffee as an opportunity during the pandemic.When everything was closing down, she came up with an idea that she now calls “Covid and Coffee Runs.”

As an event planner, Sharlene had developed many professional connections in her community; many of these businesses were also severely affected by the pandemic. She wanted to help and paid careful attention to buying local; she started using Instagram to highlight and support local businesses in her community as much as she could.

As a self-proclaimed people-person, Sharlene missed her community terribly. While the province of Ontario, Canada was in lockdown, her daughter suggested they find something they could do and that’s how the idea “Covid and Coffee Runs” was born. This little adventurous plan was a great way to support local businesses and spend time some delicious time with her daughter.

The adventure continued and became more fun and more rewarding than she could have imagined.

Please enjoy this fun and inspiring interview!

Connect with Sharlene Wilder:  Instagram @awilderparty

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