EP #190: Who Do You Think You Are in Midlife?

What You’ll Learn in this Episode about the Effect of Labels and Asking Yourself the Question, Who Do You Think You Are in Midlife:

  • Who do you think you are in midlife is powerful.
  • Why using labels about yourself can have a negative effect.
  • Why labels from your childhood can still affect you in midlife.
  • Why it’s common for labels to stick regarding the way you think about yourself for decades.
  • How understanding mindfulness and how to think about your thoughts can help you get unstuck.
  • Why labels can help you feel stuck and confused about what’s possible.
  • How the self-coaching skills are life-changing in midlife and beyond.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

How do you use labels about who you think you are in midlife? It’s a great question to ask yourself now more than ever. This week’s episode is all about how you may think thoughts that label yourself and how the labels have negative effects that you’re not even aware of.

Midlife women get used to responding to other people’s opinions and limiting beliefs about them. You can learn a skill to help raise your awareness to your habitual pattern and learn how to stop being at the effect of these beliefs.

A lot of time this can show up for you as a “label.” Sometimes you’re labelled by someone else, and sometimes you create a label for yourself. Regardless, labels can feel like truth, but in reality, they end up being interpreted by you and become a thought that you repeat, sometimes for decades. Eventually this thought can become something you believe and affect your life.

Today’s episode helps you understand the importance of watching out for thoughts like this so that you can examine them and make decisions about what to do about actually thinking them in the future.

For example, are you really a lazy person? Or was that a label that someone gave you when you were 10? How did this label affect your life? Do you see that it’s an optional way to think about yourself?  Do you notice how you behave as a result of thinking this way?

Your thoughts create the way you feel and ultimately the outcomes in your life. If these outcomes are based on a label that you don’t even understand is optional, you aren’t really living an intentional life. This is quite an empowering skill to develop!

Enjoy this episode!

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