EP #162: 5 Amazing Midlife Questions to Live your Best Life

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Live your Best Life:Midlife Questions to Live your Best Life

  • Why the questions you ask yourself in midlife out of habit are important.
  • Why asking yourself certain questions will get in your way so that you don’t live your best life.
  • How to ask yourself better, more productive questions.
  • Why it’s important to understand how thoughts create your feelings.
  • Why it’s important to use intentional questions as a way to do midlife on purpose.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

The questions you ask yourself can both help and hurt you when you’re trying to live your best life in midlife. They can be useful and not useful. This is why it’s a great idea to understand what’s going on up there in your mind.

It’s so common, especially for midlife women, to ask questions that result in some kind of an answer that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s also common to ask yourself a lot of questions out of habit. You may not even realize how often you do this.

The tricky thing with the questions you ask yourself is that the way you answer them is actually the thought that creates your feelings.  This is important to know because the questions seem so harmless. They feel like they are just something that you do that doesn’t really affect you.

This isn’t true. These midlife questions do affect you. The way you answer them affects you. This is all why it makes sense to learn how to ask yourself better, more productive questions – questions that are useful for you to live your best life.

Tune in to hear five amazing midlife questions to help you do just that – be more intentional about your life so that you can actually do midlife on purpose and create the results that you want to create, without regrets!

Enjoy this episode!

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