EP #144: The Joy of Coaching with Like-Minded Women

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Coaching with Like-Minded Women:

  • How COVID-19 emphasizes the importance of not touching your face and what mindfulness can teach you about managing this urge.
  • What understanding the benefits of coaching with like-minded women can teach you.
  • Why getting perspective about this sisterhood concept can help you see what you’re looking for socially.
  • Why the Finally First coaching community may be the exact think you’re missing.
  • How coaching with other women in the middle can be particularly motivating and insightful.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is all about the beauty of coaching with like-minded midlife women and why joining the Finally First Midlife Membership may be what you were looking for but didn’t really understand why.

But first, we talked about urge management; in particular, the urge to touch your face was discussed because it’s an important public health message right now with COVID-19. It turns out, most people touch their face way more than they know. NOT touching your face is an important skill to develop. Mindfulness strategies can help.

The main topic in today’s episode though is about the importance of spending more time with like-minded women. It’s probably no huge surprise that women have been seeking out a sisterhood of sorts for 100s of years, especially in times of life transition.  Midlife classifies as one of those times.  Many women in my community have noted that they don’t have the kind of meaningful relationships with like-minded women that they thought they would have at this age.

One of the reasons the Finally First Club was created was precisely because of this. For a variety of reasons, many women want more sisterhood in their lives at our age. If you’re looking to connect with women who have way more in common with you than you might imagine, this club’s for you. Coaching together is extremely rewarding, inspirational and motivational because everyone’s on the same page at the same time. It feels so good!

Please enjoy this episode!

Featured on the Show:

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