EP #115: Creating a Digital Midlife Magazine with NextTribe’s CoFounder, Jeannie Ralston

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s important to “bloom where you’re planted.”
  • What it’s like to view your professional skill set from a different perspective.
  • How your lifelong professional contacts can be essential to your future success.
  • Why thinking “nothing’s wasted” is an amazing way to think about past experiences.
  • Why you shouldn’t self-exclude because you don’t think you should or could do something.
  • Why midlife women want to gather and connect more and more.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today we’re taking a look at what it’s like to use your past experience to do something new like start a digital magazine for midlife women.

My guest today is Jeannie Ralston of NextTribe Digital Magazine. Like most midlife women who make a big career pivot, Jeannie’s path to entrepreneurship was an interesting one. It even included some serious life on a lavender farm.

Jeannie was a magazine journalist for much of her professional life.  She noticed there was a big gaping hole when it came to a positive messaging for midlife women. That’s why she wanted to launch NextTribe; she knew she could make a contribution to this space..

As Editor and CoFounder of NextTribe, Jeannie feels strongly about supporting and celebrating women who are aging boldly.

Lots of women in midlife are looking for a career change and want to take on more adventures in both their personal and professional lives. Your past career can be used as a highly valuable experience base and can be really useful.

I know you’re going to love hearing more about how you can continue to grow and do interesting things in your career if you work on your mindset about making a big change and look for opportunity out there like Jeannie did. I can’t wait for you to meet this very special and accomplished woman in the middle.

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