EP #103: FOMO in Midlife: 4 Tips to Reduce Fear of Missing Out

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What fear of missing out (FOMO) looks like in midlife.
  • Why you feel FOMO.
  • What FOMO feels like.
  • How your thinking creates feelings of fear and anxiety.
  • Four easy tips to reduce FOMO.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

When you feel FOMO, you know it. Fear of missing out isn’t fun. Episode 103 of the Women in the Middle Podcast explores what it’s like to feel FOMO, why it’s such a common part of midlife and four easy tips to reduce it so you can enjoy your life.

Midlife FOMO can sometimes feel a bit different than regular ol’ FOMO. It’s common to think about the past in a way that makes you think you’ve missed out; it’s also common to think about the future and be concerned that it’s too late and you’ve missed out; and then of course, it’s also common to feel FOMO about what you’re missing in the present moment.

This episode explores 4 tips to reduce FOMO. Specifically, you’ll learn how you can 1) decide how you want to feel on purpose; 2) reconsider what FOMO means in your life; 3) practice handling disappointment and 4) examine your use of social media. These tips will help you get back to the emotional life you want.

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